Interest Check for FSESC 6.6 Group buy (Aussie/NZ/Asia)

How many pieces do you intend to purchase? The groupbuy aims to get at least 20 pieces. The pricing is approximately USD$108 (will get cheaper if we have more quantities ordered).

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Includes just the heatsink and not the button. Same groupbuy as Hummie/Moon but for Aussie, NZ, Asia

Includes two payments.

Cost of getting it to me in Singapore (includes taxes,shipping). This will be paid in USD to the supplier. So it makes sense for you to send me the USD equivalent in your local currency , this can be done easily on Paypal. Goods and services payment.

Shipping cost (from me to you), paid in USD…

Insured shipping will be approximately USD$20 worldwide.


How long before you expect to be placing the order? So I can see if I can wrangle up the money

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We Need more Group buys on this side of the world :sweat_smile:


I will place the order end of next week.

Guys, take note that I only offer insured shipping as it will protect, me and the potential buyers.

Buyers will also have an ease of mind too.


@alexnz @anders @kiwihacker @prev
I’ve contacted Flipsky and it seems that I will be able to conduct the groupbuy with just 10 pieces. Do let me know if you guys are still interested with the groupbuy.

Thanks @AreaKruzer… Appreciate the effort… It appears they have 24hr sales every now and again on… Might go for a dual to get the 100A goodness next time its on sale.

Heya thanks man, but maybe I will wait for the dual fsesc 6.6 to go on sale again :sweat_smile:

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