Interest in CRonin Mount

Trying to gauge interest in a mount for Cast Ronin trucks. They will be made out of 6061 and most likely anodized black. Mock ups are almost finished and I should be getting the prototype this week. The mount will work both front or rear and although I don’t have a 15mm or a 9mm belt, I do believe it will fit, but I will confirm. I have tested it with a 12mm TB 16/36 setup and it is perfect.

If you are interested, let me know how many you are interested in. I’m working on pricing now, it should run normal mount pricing give or take.

Enertion Mount…


I’m interested for 2, but is it possible to get them in 7075 aluminum?

Sure, let me know what requests are and Ill work out the details.

This is a repeat from the other thread, but so you can keep things organized in this thread…

I’m in for 2 Mounts I’d love 2 of the longer axels too, if that’s possible?

+1 on the longer axles

2 mounts + 2 longer axels, coming over from the original thread!

i’d be down for 2 mounts and 2 longer axles as well!

id take 2-3 (depends a little on price)! black anodizing would be great 7075 too

What do you guys mean by longer axle? I know what an axle is but do you mean it is modified by @Chris1?
I have overseen it in the other thread…

to fit the enertion pulley without chopping the trucks

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2 for me

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1 for me.

Leaning toward raw finish and not sure if I want extended axel.

7075 preferred

Just going to run single w/12mm drive.

I’m in for two mounts and the longer axles also.

What’s the advantage of 7075 over 6061 in tis application? From what i’ve read its stronger, but corrodes more easily and is more expensive.

I’ve read some people using 6061 have had their motor mounts bend, especially at thinner widths. I’d feel more comfortable using 7075 as it nearly doubles in tensile strength.

I’ve seen a lot of that too with aluminum motor mounting plates, so using 7075 on the plates definitely makes more sense if the tensile strength really is approaching that of steel as I seem to be reading.

on half inch thick hanger clamps though, 6061 is plenty. So maybe a hybrid approach could be taken if its a two piece clamp system to keep cost down a little.

I’m new to all this aluminology so to speak lol

I personally don’t mind spending a little more for strong mounts, but i can see the appeal in waiting a durable, yet cheap mounting solution. This is probably why torqueboards mounts are so pricey as they are 7075.

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The 7075 is a better option, the alloy is slightly different than 6061. The 6061 will hold up to a vertical stress of the motor bouncing up and down with ordinary riding, but where the 7075 shines is the lateral stresses. Even tightening a belt will stress the mount laterally pulling it towards the wheel side, add that to the possibility of hit, the mount can bend at the clamping edge. You can see where it was built up to help minimize the lateral stresses.

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think the audience for cronins isnt really the “as cheap as possible” kind. :wink:


the motor slot(s) looks really close to the edge and maybe likely to crack