Interest In Custom Deck | Jet Spud 29" Shape

After seeing some really sick Jet Spud builds, I wanted to pick one up. After some quick searches everything was sold out, and the board was discontinued. So I called around to some custom deck manufacturers here in the US of A to gather some prices.

Here is what I am going for:

7-8ply Canadian Maple Deck Jet Spud 29" Shape No Artwork to reduce cost Black Underside? Black Griptape

Price would be around $45/piece with an MOQ of 50. So how many of you would be interested in a deck like this? I’ll leave some pics below.

Photos from: @RunPlayBack’s build

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I’d be interested in a 33"-36" one

Isn’t their current version that size?

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Yes, it is but you cannot purchase it anywhere. The board has been discontinued

Muirskate is getting a shipment in March according to my conversations with Scott but they haven’t gotten a shipment since November


I’ve tried a lot of boards since that first build but to be honest, even after all this time, the Jet Spud is my favorite. Really nothing else like it out there.

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Have you tried a Bustin Modela or Bonsai? They are similar mini cruiser types of boards.

Ugh, great deck. Just ordered mine though…

I’m not really a fan, I like the rounded parts on the Spud. Thanks for the recommendation tho!

As in my cruiser, not a jet spud

I’ve been looking for this kind of board for a while. I’m down depending on how much shipping would cost to Canada

I think we would need a LOT more interest to get this thing going lol

Count me in! (EU)

i neeeeed it lmao

count me in (NYC)