Interesting smell coming from battery enclosure

I bought a DIY esk8 from someone recently and I love it, but just a bit ago after a ride, I noticed a smell coming from my battery enclosure. It was kind of a sharpie ink/rain water smell, for lack of a better description. What is this smell? Does it indicate that there is some sort of problem? It kind of had that electrical heat smell. I was throttling the motors pretty hard, and I’m sure there was some heat, but I hadn’t smelled that smell before. I rode the board a bit more, and everything seemed fine. The battery percentage/voltage meter was working properly. It is a 12s4p li-ion battery. Thanks for your help!

Battery chemicals smell “sweetish”.

Can you just smell them when they get hot, or is that indicative of some kind of puncture or something?

All the time, but if its warm you smell it more, like it’s with all things. Can you inspect the cells, or are they hidden somehow?

Honestly I haven’t even opened up the battery enclosure yet. It looks like a bit of a pain as the person who built it kind of rigged up loose weather stripping as a seal. So, I shouldn’t really worry about it, then? I am new to all this. Thank you for your help!

If you live alone in a house and have good insurance you don’t have to worry.

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Hmm…that isn’t exactly reassuring. Lol. I am trying to figure out if the smell is normal or if there is something wrong/danger/need repair or new pack.

It was this.

Thats some scary shit! Who built the board? Do you know the specs of everything?

Real scary, you could have burned your house down. When and if ever buying a diy eboard, always have the seller open the enclosure so you can see if anything looks weird or loose wires, etc. Lesson learned especially if your new to this. I’ve sold two diys and i always showed the buyer what everything is and i even make them sign a paper explaining the dangers of electric fires and the dangers of riding without protected gear. Glad you found the source before something bad really happened.

Luckily I was outside, and I think it was a result of actually riding the board. Nothing else looks weird inside the enclosure.

You need to post this in the other forum, a lot of people including myself have moved on to other forum.

I did, under a different title. I’m trying to figure out the next step to fix it.

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