Interesting stuff I've found on TaoBao

Spent some time looking around taobao for esk8 stuff, thought I’d share my findings. Have you guys found any interesting esk8 stuff on taobao? Please share your findings if you have!

Dual motor kit - $130 USD I know the mounting system has problems, can be solved by drilling holes into trucks then threading the hole with same size as the screw in the mounting plate then screwing straight into truck.

Dual mounting kit - $72 USD @Baz_L used this in his build Same mounting issue as above, mounting plate will slip if you don’t put a hole into the truck, easily solved.

Lots of other interesting stuff on the BOX taobao store

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the name MayTech by now, $76 USD VESC

Maytech store has a few other ESC and lots of motor options.

Enclosure - $15

Bamboo decks

Crazy spring loaded truck risers - $23 USD

Springy MTB trucks - $50 USD for front and back

Truck screw cover plate - $4 USD

Maple 7 layer Penny / Nickel deck - $5 USD

Battery meters - around $4 - $5电瓶蓄电池%20锂电池%20电量显示器&cna=UJuqEW70WSYCAU9DscFwBrNv&callback=__jsonp_cb&abtest=_AB-LR517-LR854-LR895-PR517-PR854-PR895

A few stores, you can go through their inventory by clicking page 1234 at the bottom of the page


Be aware of the bamboo deck! I saw someone’s thread where a Chinese bamboo deck broke

For the price, I would just buy one and jump up and down on it like a trampoline to see if it breaks :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, in that photo you can see clearly that all sections of that deck are bamboo (you can see the little dots). I linked that store specifically because they specialize in bamboo.

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That dual drive setup is really tempting just to see how it performs.

Damn that’s cheap! Wondering about the longevity and quality tho.

Them penny/nickels look sick! might have to order one for the hell of it :smiling_imp:

I don’t think @Davey is saying it’s not bamboo. He was mentioning that on another thread the OP bought a bamboo deck from taobao, and it broke, right down the edge in the middle. I also second what he is saying because I read that same thread , just be careful.

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Yeah, I’ve read that thread too. It was the vanguard clone, different deck from a different store.

Is anyone an agent? I’d be interested in getting a few things shipped to the UK…

Thinking about the same thing. Those “Crazy spring loaded truck risers” look interesting. I wonder if they are any good…

EMTB - $420 USD Likely to have bad ESC and battery, but it looks cool!

Kickstarter esk8 startup kit

has anyone tried the first motor mount and motor listed? I am looking to build my first board and these seem to be a very cheap option with all included. Thanks

hong Kong guy here :smiley: The ones with the name box has some good stuff There pulley system is a bit loosen , maybe it’s just me. I fixed it with a tensioner and now it works fine. The remote and hub combo pack is using winning remote, not sure if they are from winning or not but the remote is quite good :slight_smile: I assume the hubs are the same as @torqueboards , which should from the same factory


I am going to HK soon and I was wondering, is it worth it to look for shops to get parts for electric or non-electric longboard? Or maybe the best deals are on Taobao?

Also, is there a Taobao seller you would recommend for belts? I have found a few but I don’t know if they are durable and would withstand the use on electric skateboard.

I buy the set from ‘box’ so I don’t know about the belt . I could ask the local belt shop if they have any but you want in stock Ps local shops are still way cheaper than alibaba xd

HK don’t have much electric part or non electric part. Sadly hk isn’t much of a skate friendly place, however taobow is a good place to visit :wink:

Local skateboard shops buy board from taobao too haha

Hi Thanks for the info. If that is not too much trouble it would be great to know if your belt supplier has 12mm wide htd5m in 255 and 265 length. And also the address.

There is also the shipping price that cost a lot 30 dollars for the 97 mm wheels and pulley system.