Intermittent Throttle and Brakes

Hi all,

I’m a first time builder and I just finished my first board. It works properly after some troubleshooting for the enertion nano-x’s binding issue, but one problem still remains.

At times, when I press the throttle, it doesn’t immediately go. Sometimes there’s delay and then the motor instantly jumps to the highest speed. The brakes have the same problem; sometimes they don’t initiate, and then they slam all at once.

This is becoming a major problem, and I’m not sure where to begin troubleshooting. Is it something mechanical, like my belt, or is this something else?

I’ve had that issue before. With my build is was the receiver. You should start by moving the rever away from the other components on your build, Then try a different remote/receiver. Doing that will either confirm/ or rule out the problem. Then move to your Speed controllers and programming.

Is this while bench testing? with no load the motor will hit maximum speed at a very low throttle input. try it on the ground.

One other thing, did you calibrate the remote in the BLDC tool? (ppm min max and deadband)

This is with a load attached.

I haven’t toyed with VESC settings in regards to the remote–can you direct me to somewhere that can help me with this calibration process?

Give this a try

What do you mean with a load attached? Are you standing on it?

Yes, I first noticed the issue when I was standing on the board. I actually had to jump off the board as a result of it, the first time it happened.

I’m checking out the thread now, thank you!

Hey @Spencer , did you ever find out what the problem was? I’m having the exact same issue as you.