Intro for Me and my New Project

Hey hey, long time lurker, first time poster here.

I’ve been reading about building a mountain board for some time now and I think I’ve finally got enough of an idea about it to put together a list of parts I’ll be using to build the board.

I’ve been skateboarding, riding dirt bikes, and cycling for as long as I can remember. But mountain boards are a whole new world for me, let alone electric mountain boards. I have lots of experience working with electronics and batteries and all that, but please do let me know if I’ve missed something in my parts list.

For the motors, I’ll be using Turnigy SK8 6374 149kw motors. Two of them to be exact.

Cost: $111 X 2= $222+Shipping?

For the trucks, motor mounts, wheels and tires, and hubs I’ll be using the DIYEBoard 11” offroad AllTerrain Truck Kit With 8” Pneumatic Tires.

Cost: $298.00+Shipping?

I’m also playing with the idea of using that same truck/wheel/mount kit, but also including the motors in the kit.

Cost: $369+Shipping?

This would negate the cost of the motors above, dropping the total build cost by $151. My problem here is that the motors are smaller at 6354 but higher KW rating at 180kw.

For the ESC, I’ll use the Flipsky Dual FSESC4.20 Plus with Remote.

Cost: $257

Price is cheaper direct from Flipsky, so I quoted that price instead.

For the battery, I’ll use these.

Yes, I’m aware of not using batteries from untrusted vendors. I trust this vendor.

Cost: $92

For the deck, I’ll use this one I found on Ebay, saving the trucks and wheels for some other random project.

Cost: $140

I’ve already got wires, connectors, tools, and a shop, so that’s all covered.

Price with using the Turnigy Sk8 Motors: $1,009 USD Price using the 6354 motors included in the truck kit: $856

I still have a month or two before I start building. So for now, I’ll start by buying the stuff that I know will take some time to ship to the US. The rest, I’ll start scouring the buy/sell pages on FB, here, and Reddit.

I want this build to be as cheap as possible, while still maintaining a decent level of durability and dependability. I’m open to all ideas and suggestions on how to make this better/cheaper in any way.


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I like those motors just because they arent matt black and boring like so many other ESK8 components.

Having said that, you might want to look into some beefier motors. I think ‘battle hardened’ is the term used. Larger bearings, more bearings, dust screens. Things like that.

Looking at pics of older e-skateboards and I usually see motors dinged and scraped up from all the small gravel and road debris.

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Thanks for the reply!

I roughly followed the Skate Metrics Patriot build guide for an idea on parts to use. They say the original flipsky motors they used failed and are going to replace them with the Sk8.

It was pointed out to me on Reddit that the truck kit from DIYEBoards is the same as the one from Flipsky. The kit from Flipsky is cheaper and I was also looking at the motors they have to offer. I put together a bit of a shopping cart with them and I’ll post it in a few minutes.

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I forgot to mention before, but my plan is to remove/disable the built in BMS for that battery and use my own BMS to limit the power to the ESC (because the pack is 13S). Having said that, the plan to use my own BMS is the same, but I’m looking at the Flipsky Dual FSESC6.6 Plus instead, though it’s quite a bit more expensive.

Here are the updated parts I’m looking at, the deck and battery are the same as I posted above.





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Perhaps I can interest you in an MBS colt deck? Brand new. Welcome to the forum.


Well I think that is one with 20 degree tips, but send me a PM with pics


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Your going to want to have your trucks around 35. Unless you like zero control. :rofl:

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Yes, that’s what I’ve heard…

Does anyone know the angle of these trucks? I see they have angled riser pads included in the kit.

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They aren’t angled bro. They are chanel trucks. Deck tips need to be 35° or use an angled riser… I know a guy with these risers . …

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Just place a couple orders…

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