INTRODUCING Polar: eSk8 Kits and Parts Vendor [US & EU]

After running a few group buys I saw the need for quality parts at a more affordable price. I also saw the need for more kits to make building your own eSk8 even easier. That is why I have created Polar, a eSk8 Kits and Parts vendor!

I am most excited to show you our first kit, in which you get a motor, esc, and mini controller starting at just $140. Link!

We are also selling each part individually allowing you to mix and match parts you all ready have! We currently have FVT 6s 120a Sensored esc’s, 12s 120a HV-OPTO esc’s, Mini Controllers, and 6354 / 6374 Sensored Motors!

Mini Controller $30 Link! Pre-Order

6S 120a ESC: $55 Link! Ready to ship in 1 week! 12S 120a HV-OPTO ESC: $115 Link! Ready to ship in 1 week! 6354 / 6374 190kv Motor: $61 Link! Pre-Order

Or you can visit our shop here.

Great News for our European friends!

I would love to introduce you to @ajaynagra the Polar EU distributor! That’s right, you can buy all of the same items but they are shipped from the United Kingdom! You can visit our EU shop here. All items on the Polar EU shop are available for preorder to get the warehouse stocked! There is no import tax for countries in the EU! Items should ship in 2-3 weeks!

Also included in the EU shipping area is Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Azores and also Switzerland.


This is frickin awesome dude. Thanks to you am going to build an esk8 without having to cheap out or break the bank.

Thanks man! That is exactly what I am trying to achieve!

@JLabs congrats on the kickoff! Even though you have a cool logo, keep the parts stealth and unbranded!

Thanks! I have actually decided to put a logo on the motors, I will consider taking it off for the next round…

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Congrats for getting this underway. I vote for a stealth brand, Grey on black lol

you should start looking at a different EU distributor - the UK is planning to leave the EU :wink:

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Awesome! :slight_smile: Now start working on getting VESCs to EU :smiley:

beside of loving ajay and his group buys, i think these are GREAT news to get on items here in the EU. keep up that good work Jared! i´m going to buy some motors soon :slight_smile: :monkey:

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Hopefully we dont leave the EU and if we do there should be trade agreements set in place for exports and imports


I actually hope not - otherwise it is like having all the benefits of a member but without the responsibility and obligations. But sure, first of all I also hope they somehow manage to stay in the first place.

I just wanted to stay in the EU so did like 70% of people under 30


This is huge! Any feedbacks for those escs, both cheap and expensive?

Yes, all of the motors and esc’s are reliable and tested. That is why I chose them. They are the same ones offered by DIYelectricskateboard (TB).

nice, killer price on mini remotes and those motors :sunny:

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We WILL leave the EU, as that’s what the majority voted for, but I am pretty certain we will still be able to ship to the EU - you don’t need a trade agreement to ship ANYWHERE in the world. We can ship to China, America, Canada, Timbuktu without a “trade agreement” - sheesh - the British public buy into political nonsense too easily :slight_smile:

Seriously. You make me laugh. Anyone can import and export to anywhere in the world. You don’t need to be a memeber of the EU to do that…

All that being an EU member means, in relation to shipping, is that there is no tax to pay at the delivery point as the seller puts VAT on at source. So you pay it anyhow, just less admin. When you buy from outside the EU, you get taxed when it arrives in the county, by the shipping company. Either way, you pay 20% (in the UK) when buying goods outside the country. It makes no difference.You pay it either way.

There doesn’t need to be trade agreements for imports and exports. You can still import and export. All trade agreements are are systems to ease trade with less paperwork , and agree tax rates and tax concessions that suit both countries - if at all.

When I buy from America, I pay 20% VAT when the goods arrive in the UK, and perhaps some duty. Duty is charged if our government decide they want to protect an internal market from cheap overseas imports. Within the EU there is no duty as it’s an open market, but the EU charges duty to anyone importing into the EU as they want to artificially protect the EU market as a whole. Part of the reason so many of us voted out. We wont’ want to be in an artificially protected market, we want to survive on our own merits.

First I wondered what your weird and somehow aggresive posts had to do with anything i said. But then I realized you are one of those people that actually think you will be better off outside of the EU. Good luck - will see how it turns out :thumbsup:


@Maxid @RogerD Let’s not turn this into something its not. Id say just agree to disagree and move on.

You are right - will not comment further on this as it has nothing to do with the topic.