Introduction of me and my eSK8 creation

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Hi there, I am 53 years and thought it was fun to start e-skating…so I bought me a Meepo mini V2, very fast but not flexi at all and also very unstable at the high speeds it can go…so after 2 weeks of mostly crashing I changed the deck to a flexi loaded , allready a lot better but I was still missing some stability and also the range was a no go…also the jerky braking and all got me pissed…… So in a last attempt to really enjoy my eskating I built this…. It is a evolve bambo gt deck, sitting on a double kingpin front truck from the backfire ranger, rear truck is a widened meepo schredder truck, the two batteries are standard 144 wh meepo,s wich give me a range of an easy 30km, the esc and remote is the meepo v3 wich is super smooth and nice, the hubs and wheels are also homemade 80a PU 110mm x 62mm… Now this board is low to the ground (ground to deck= 10cm) wide 35cm and so smooth, it is a dream to drive, acceleration is smooth but still fast enough, top speed is 49 kmh, range 30km but best of all it is easy to control because its so super stable even at high speeds…

Hope you people like it .


Nice work on the 110mm hub sleeves, the wide rear trucks are pretty cool too. I’m sure its a fun ride!