[Introductions] New member? Introduce yourself and share your DIY plans

Hello, my name is Melissa and I will be representing Ollin Board Company on the forum. I am very excited to be here! I may not be as knowledgeable as Jeramiah (aka @chaka ) but I will be more than happy to pass on any questions I cannot answer to him and the guys in the shop. I will also be making announcements for the company, letting you know of new products and recent developments.

Here is a picture of what I am currently riding, I call her Purple Haze.



Welcome Melissa, glad yo have you.

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Welcome Melissa!


Hi, my name is Jacob, I’ve been here for a while but never formally introduced myself. I’ve built two boards so far, and I’m currently working on my third build, and 38” vanguard. My goal is to find the perfect commuter board that comfortably fits a 6’2” sophomore. Thanks for all the support I have received on this forum so far, this is a great community :smile:


Hi everyone, my name is Clovis, I’m French but live in Netherlands. I have a couple of boards already, and been using my yuneec ego since years, and have some Chinese board, but this year I’ve decided to get a MTB I went via scramboards.com to upgrade my old mountainboard, and I’m having a lot of fun. Now it’s time for me to understand the science behind the madness…

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My name is Oren, from Israel. Never rode a skateboard! :persevere: But my Son, 9 yo, does, and since he asked to “do a project” with me, I suggested that we’ll create a motorized skateboard.

Then I discovered this crazy world of esk8s through youtube and websites. :thinking:

Then I saw how expensive a setup can get, and almost gave up. :hushed:

Then I found this active, knowledgeable, and friendly forum, and decided that with your help we’ll do it. :sunglasses:

Going to post a sperate thread with questions based on what we plan…


Sounds great! Looking forward to read your questions :ok_hand:

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Hi all - Dave here. I’ve been using this board for research for the last few months. Thought I should introduce myself.

Current/first esk8 is an Evolve GTX. I’ve had it for around two months now, and I’m really pleased with it.

I was tossing up between the GTX and a boosted mini. I think I have much preferred the dimensions of the mini… but as I live in New Zealand, the shipping cost and lack of after sales care pushed me from Boosted towards Evolve.

So I’ve kinda set out to build something loosely based on a boosted mini… here’s what I have or have ordered:

Deck - Carver Proteus Trucks - Caliber II 50s Wheels - Orangatang Caguamas ESC - FOCBOX unity Mount - UNIK core series dual motor mount Battery - gradually buying 30q batteries… I have 9 atm BMS - ordered a 60A 10s BMS from aliexpress: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/fUZR3hR Belts - 15mm HTD245 Motor pulleys - Aluminium 15t (might switch for steel gates/evolve) Wheel pulleys - evolve kegel 32t… thinking of switching for bkb modular pulleys.

Extras - UNIK risers, bones reds, battery meter, charge port

Stuff to be confirmed/built Battery - had planned 10s3p but I’m contemplating 4p… I think I can fit it in. Motors - was planning on two Flipsky 6354s, but there are some recent bad reviews which are making me wary Enclosure - I have made a foam mold for a carbon fibre enclosure, and I’ll probably add a layer of carbon fibre to the bottom of the deck while I’m at it Remote - I have ordered all the intervals for a firefly remote, just need the 3d printed parts

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Hey I am pretty new to the diyesk8 community and want to build a loaded vanguard 12s hub motor setup. I already preordered a Focbox unity and I know I want some hummie hubs v4 because I like near the sf area and they have great preformance. I just dont know what to do battery wise. I was thinking about the Miami Electric 12s3p but it is large and would be tough to put on a vanguard. I want a 12s3p battery for future proofing but I might just have to go with a 12s2p battery. Oh and I need some ideas for a remote, I like the thumb ones.Thanks for reading. Doug

hi and welcome! If you like the thumb ones, look for firefly here in the forum. you can build it by your own or ask somebody like @rey8801. I think he make them and sell them to a good price too. If you need a proper enclosure for the vanguard then check out the enclosures from @Eboosted


if I´m not wrong, you will fit there even 12s4p inside.


Hello. I’m freaking out. I just ordered my first electric skateboard, without ever experiencing one - only vicariously through youtube videos. I can’t believe I waited this long to jump into this new thing. I used to ride regular skateboards, but I’ve been living in a (man)cave for many years.

I have a question: Do you get exercise? I’m thinking you do, but not sure. I mean, does it still give you a workout, like cardio or burning calories?

The thought of being effortlessly propelled up a hill on my skateboard seems like heaven to me. Gliding against a headwind, at a reasonable speed, silently, like a ghost. I can’t wait.

I don’t know how long it’ll take for me to crave more power, but just the thought of going more than 13-mph seems crazy to me. I have a feeling my “underpowered/budget” board will be more than adequate for my style of mellow cruising. I opted for the Sanyo 8.5 Ah pack for the least range-anxiety.

I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to keep me off this thing once it gets here. If the sun is out, I’ll be rolling in the wind. I’ll ride it 'till it’s dead, then sleep only for how long it needs to recharge, then ride all night long. I’ll ride downtown and explore the city. I’ll venture down alleyways and take bike paths through parks along rivers. I’ll cross bridges when I come to them. I’ve never had brakes on a skateboard before, so I’m going to feel so safe on scary downhill sections.

I’m 43 years old. I fell in love with (regular) skateboards in 1986, when I was 11 years old. I haven’t matured much at all since then. I’m out of shape, but not fat. 5’-11" tall, 185 lbs. Ordered the WowGo 2s K.T. the other day with replaceable P.U. motors. I live in a hilly area where skateboards are illegal to be used on roads. I’m really hoping this works out for me the way I’m envisioning it. Stoked is an understatement.

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Hi, I’m no expert but I have a 30 inch belt drive atom electric B10 which is a really great board but I would have gone with the Wowgo 2s looking back. You’ll love it, I thought in the beginning I would never go over 15 mph but here I am building a balls to the wall 35 mph 20 mile range just 8 months later. You don’t really burn calories unless you are constantly carving or carving a little but that limits range. You should be fine with the Sanyo. For the hills in your area try to build up speed before you start climbing them to save the battery. Other than that I think you will love it and will be going 20+ in no time.

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Hey there @RatchetRoller as @dougpage says "You don’t really burn calories unless you are constantly carving that’s demanding on your battery…for me that’s is the most fun. Keeping your core switched on is exercise…getting up and out of the house moving around it all adds up to burn cals.

If you haven’t already… all about battery’s www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/new-user-looking-for-battery-read-this-complete-walkthrough-of-batteries/26010

“I’ve never had brakes on a skateboard before, so I’m going to feel so safe on scary downhill sections.” Make sure you have a plan if you have a disconnect …no power no brakes.

Safety first…type in protective gear … in the search box and have a read. Safety should be your first priority and then offcourse having fun…lol

Cheers welcome to esK8.builders.

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I’m a new member! I recently got to ride an Evolve Carbon GT with AT wheels, and now want to get my own board. Debating about building one, versus buying an Evolve. For me, I’m looking for something that I can commute on without having to worry about recharging at work. The round trip from work is around 22km. I also want to be able to go out on the weekends with a bunch of guys that I know that have boards - boosted and evolve.

So far, I’m thinking of the trampa urban carver with single or twin motors, or a trampa with the big monster box for ridiculous range. From what I have read so far, using bindings on a commuting board is not a wise idea, so the big battery option might get in the way. Learning heaps from this forum!

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You can use freeboard bindings like this https://www.unikboards.com/en/boutique/freebord-bindings-s2/ There are a punch of different battery boxes here. Just depends what you want and what you need.

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hi there-i bought a koowheels kooboard and its awesome! thing is tho, i was thinking about if i could swap deck for a kicktail, just coz its handy in town-and then-not used to a reverse switch! i snapped the deck! GUTTED-im disabled, lost my car, but was absolutely loving the return of some freedom with my kooboard-anyone got any advice? its, on first looking, not that easy to source a board-at least-ideally one that fits, pref with kicktail, nice concave and strong & light-bamboo? &/or carbon fibre?

Good afternoon

I’m Rush, and I’ve owned a few boards. My first board was an Elecktroskate I got ten years ago. I also have an Evolve Bamboo. I like the Kali-Nyc boards, and since they don’t seem to be available, I decided to try and build one. Never done this before but I have made RC cars. I’m nervous, and this is overwhelming, but I’m jumping in.

First question. Is there a page that has Kali Board instructions? Where do people usually start?

Money is not a problem.

I look forward to chatting with you all.

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You want to make a mountain board?

hello everyone! My name is JOshua LUCA and I go by lucajo16. I Love electric stuff and I got into ebikes a few years back but I couldn’t afford the hobby as much. Recently I found an intrest in eskate stuff and decided to jump in. My goal is to just get what I call a prof of concept rolling and once I understand the basics I can improve on it from there. I plan to make a board that will do 25 to 30 but I’m happy with 20 MPH as of now.

youll get a lot of leg work bending into turns but you don’t get much cardio from what I’m aware of. I did a lot of skateboarding as a child but sense ive gotten older (( 26)) I haven’t had much exercise. From what I know you will get some leg bending from turns but the motor is going to do a lot of the work.

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