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So now I’ve built a couple of hub motor boards using Chinese componentry from Ali and eBay etc… They are fun as far as they go and not too much for the girls (11 and 7). but now I want to try my hand at a rear mounted, dual motor belt build. nothing too deadly, just a couple of 6355 class cans. But I don’t think I can use the Chinese ESC boards as I suspect they are not rated for the kind of current. so I think I will be having to venture into VESC territory, which I have only read about but not used.

Something like this bloke:

I have been using 10s lipos using R/C balance chargers. I aware of the risks of lipo, and am comfortable with being able to egress a burning skateboard if that time comes.

Anyway, hopefully I will be able to read and understand enough that I won’t have to bother the forum with questions… but don’t count on it :wink:



@Boardnamics is awesome for converting a pair of Caliber 2 baseplates into an amazing electric drivetrain. Two 6355 motors fit great on a 170mm or 184mm hanger.


LOL, what a coincidence… Because I already reached out to Kevin @boardnamics. He was communicative and helpful with advice and had everything in stock. So I pulled the trigger the day before yesterday. Just waiting for a tracking number and shipment as we speak.



Welcome, @Maxxx17. Glad you could join us. Are you planning to convert your board to electric or have you already done that?

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Hey guys, my name is Fabian! I’m a 30yo from southern Germany, being into (electric) mountainboarding for about 7 years, when i first took part in a downhill mountainboarding training :star_struck:

Saw a guy riding uphill with an elctric one and i was sold! It took several years for me to downgrade me expectations&wishes from a full spec trampa dual drive to a first test mule. I tried with a single belt driven Longboard on mbs AllTerrain-Wheels. Built&printed everything else than the trucks, vesc & motor myself. But the AllTerrain Wheels didn‘t work on terrain as expected, it was an utterly rough ride even on very fine gravel :smiley:

So again: money saving and watching craigslist. It wasnt the sexy Trampa I always dreamed of, but infact: the MBS does everything better! The deck has great concave, perfect flex, shockblock-trucks with the Matrix II:

Except the looks… but i tried to copy the Trampa- look by cutting corners on the tips. And as i am a crazy diy-head, i had to fully take it apart and modify it. Tried to hide all the cables in a channel, moved the dualvesc into the central battery box to get rid of the additional box and mounted the central one dampened on studs.

Been riding the board for a year now, about 500km on gravel paths. Just georgeus. :heart: My girlfriend loved to ride my board though having a sorta hard time as a goofy rider on my regular board.

In early Summer i traded my MBS AllTerrain Wheels for an old MBS Core 16. Initially only for the tires, as i needed new rear ones for my Board. But i couldnt resist to build a second Mountainboard for my girlfriend. And so i kept the vesc and the aps 6374 of my first longboard, started with drawing a cheap and easy beltdrive for the trispokes. Using some old lipos of my rc-planes in 8S 12Ah configurtion.

With the sorta high gearing and her light weight (52kg) and shy riding this setup worked pretty well in the straights with speed below 20kph. Wattage was in the beginning at 11Wh/km with max. tire pressure. We had to tighten down the springs though mounting a printed 10° wedge in the rear. In the straights its very drivable now, but it corners not as easy and smooth as my pro 97 with the matrix II.

Today i took some measurement of both truck models and decided to convert the matrix I to yellow shockblocks. Togehter with a 5° edge in the front we‘ll get this board turning and speeding!

Happy riding. And happy building :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Fabian

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I am looking to buy and/or build an electric mountain board specifically for riding mountain bike trails and jumps. I currently have a direct hub drive board that I would like to upgrade but am at a loss for weather belts or spur gear drives would be better?

I would appreciate any advice or places to look for a complete board in the US. I live in PA.

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It’s definitely best to either build one or choose what you like. Gear drives are pretty good and so are the good old belts. It’s on you entirely to be fair. I choose belts for gearing ratio. If you’re looking to buy one instead, you can try trampa, bigredsboard, or anything that can give you a head start on your own diy, like a set kit. I use trampa parts on mine, but it is a bit expensive.

Trampa however isn’t in the USA.


Hey everyone, I’m trying to ID / source these 350w dual hub motors w/ 80mm sleeve (10 inch width outside wheel to outside wheel)… they came off a SoFlow Lou 3.0… so does that mean they are win-board?: they look similar to Backfire G2T but not sure if they are the same.

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Hello everyone! I’m here to find out what kind of magazine skaters usually look at. Which magazines do you think many people read?

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People still read magazines?


I just look at skate mags online when I’m browsing for skate shoes. They’re so much more comfortable and stylish vs the traditional name brand boring sneakers. And they usually have a nice thick padded sole thats great for skating or cycling.


Are those collections of printed out webpages that don’t get updates, corrections, or additions?

Just kidding. I read Science News paper magazines.


My search for skating location inspirations from a skateboard magazine list led me to Confusion Magazine.

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Hi @Holland.30

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Hey everyone! I can best be described as the type of Dad who likes to do neat things for his kids and generally gets in over his head with projects. I’m sure I will do so with this project, which is to build an electric longboard for my kid for college.

First question, I have a question about calculating the correct motor/battery size for my project. Where do I post that?

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You can create a topic if you want to get some questions answered. Just make sure the topic is made specifically to your questions. But to answer this:

Motor like 5055s or 6374 can both use the same 10s or 12s batteries. The actual questions I ask would be:

How far and how fast do you want the board to be? This is a good start. Then you have the esc types, and then the motor/wheel pulley ratio and what type of board.

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Welcome to the ESK8 forum, @CheapDad. This thread works for beginner questions. Also theres:

Or just make a new thread.

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@LeonCamero, @kavic5150:

Leon is spot on; I know what I want the Board to do. I’ll create a new thread.


What size wheels are you planning to use? Some big 200mm pneumatic mountainboard wheels or maybe 100mm Cloud wheels? Thats a good place to start. From there you can figure out the pulley sizes and what kv motor to buy. Kv is just a term for electrical RPM. Basically 100kv means 100RPM per volt under no load.

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New to DIY. Have been riding esk8 for a few months now. Been riding group rides and attending some race meets, so ive been after a board that could keep up speed wise and do the distance so i dont get range anxiety.

So ive commissioned a 12s4p battery 21700 molicell battery. That battery will be chucked into an enclosure to go under my new deck - a bustin boards sportster.

Other compenents will be: Focbox tenka Flipsky 6374 170kv motors Boardnamics trucks 220 mm. Can and will probably swap to 270 to fit AT or rubber wheels. BKB Voyager remote (still to be decided on, may go with vx4 flipsky remote) Boa Constrictor wheels.

I have been riding hub motors, so belt driven will be an interesting and welcome change.

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