[Introductions] New member? Introduce yourself and share your DIY plans

Hi! I’m a new member. Was looking into getting a Boosted Board, but thought they were kinda expensive. Was really on the fence about purchasing one. Then as I was looking on videos, I saw someone do a DIY Electric Skateboard for around 500$. I don’t expect mine to necessarily be that cheap. Got me more interested and they had a link to this website. Building a customize board sounds a lot more fun and personal to me. So I think i might want to give it a shot. Here’s a little about myself.

From Michigan,USA. I’m about 5’7 and 190 lbs. I am looking to build a board mainly for transportation from home to work. I live in small town and just under 5 miles is my commute. my commute is all thru the city and would be on Bike bath, non-busy roads and with a little sidewalk.

I have looked around the website a bit the past few days, and understand the basics of building a board. I guess I’m more curious about the specifics of what I should get to build it. Or just have someone point me in the right direction to get started.

GOALS Be able to travel 15-20 Miles on a charge. At least 20mph Top Speed. Don’t need to go faster then 25 mph I would think. Have a stable/ safe ride. I’m more concern about getting to point A and B rather how fast it gets me there.

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Hello, I am a new member and new to the esk8 scene. I am an avid golfer and I have seen a couple of eboards out there like Golf Boards and Golf Skate Caddy. After speaking with my home course they said they are open to eboards so I’m here to get ideas on how to build one.

I’m 6’2" 220 so I need something sturdy and powerful to move me around the course. What I need is some that will travel 10-15 miles on a charge. I’m too concerned with speed thinking 10 mph will do. My course is somewhat hilly so I will need it to have a enough torque to make it up the hills. Would like to keep it under $1000 if possible.

Like I said I’m new to this so any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, I’m Filip, I come from Poland, not long time ago I made my first esk8 (created topic already). Now I’m working on some changes (adding 2 batteries for range and top speed), I hope to finish it soon. After that I wish I have some orders to build esk8 from my friends for them, I really enjoy building esk8es :blush: electronics and motors I buy from APS, it may change if I’ll find better suplier, common components (batteries, chargers, connectors etc.) I buy in Poland. I’ve been member of this forum for 2 months or so and I’m delighted by how other members are helpful :smile:

Hey I’m Will. I’m here to try and improve my maverix border x board. Most likely would be chopping it up. So far trying to find a decent battery to replace the heavy lead battery. Thanks for any help in adv

Hello all - I have been wanting to build an eskate for a few months now, but have just gotten my board back from my parents home a few states over.

I primarily want to use this to commute to and from work and will be watching other build threads to get the hang of how it works.

I am pretty terrified of the electric side of things. Knowing how big a battery or what cables I need isn’t something that I know well (or at all), but I understand what components in general I will need!

Look forward to finding out more.


I have been lurking for a few weeks now, after my friend built a board, and I tested it out. I am a Mechanical Engineer, with some experience in electrical systems (industrial motion controls), so naturally this is an appealing project for me.

The build I’m planning to do:

218mm wide trucks from DIY Electric Skateboard 90mm wheels 10s (42v) battery setup (I purchased some battery packs consisting of LG 18650 cells and integrated BMS) 16:32 pulley ratio Focbox

I have a question about the selection of a motor. I am trying to decide between a 6355 190kV motor and a 6355 260kV motor. It is my understanding that with my eRPMs limited to 60k, a 190kV motor would be ideal. But I have only heard of the 60k eRPM limit pertaining to the VESC. What is the eRPM limit on the Focbox? If 77k is an acceptable eRPM limit for the Focbox, then I should be ok with the 260kV motor. Correct?

The calculations I’m doing are based on those laid out by @chakra here:

Maybe @onloop can answer the question on max eRPM on the Focbox?


hello i am new to electric skateboards

i have a 10s2p 26650 42v custom pack and i want to power rgb leds off of it, can i just plug the leds into the vesc so they change brightness with my speed? do i use a voltage stepdown? my leds run off of 4.2 volts. i do not want to use resistors or a separate power source.

also if possible i want to be able to control the color of the rgb leds with the wireless controller, is that possible with arduino?

sorry for bad english :3


my name is Frank, I live in north Germany, and I have been watching this forum for a while already.

Toda I would like to make a contribution in the hope that it will be helpful to people wanting to build their own 18650 type battery packs.

Cheers Frank https://www.kicksurfer.de

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I am 64 yrs old I surf, sk8, snow board, wake board,kite board, moto x, raced BMX. I have always love the feeling adrenaline gives you . Life goes fast and I can still remember all those insane times. Free spirits are what drives this industry as well as all other action sports. The ability to appreciate what others are doing to improve e sk8 is inspiring. If I get 10 to 15 good sk8 sessions a year I am grateful. Because it’s not just the ride it’s the friends and family that make the journey worth the efforts. Bringing joy to others is just as rewarding. hope everyone out here has a great safe year and let’s tinker , improve and share so that our family gets bigger and closer together. Competition is what brings out our best so sk8 on.


Hi Filip a lot of people use hobby King good source for us. I buy bats speed controls motors and controller from them, other parts are home made or other suppliers. For us at Santa Clarita sk8 club gears are hardest to dig up tried different brands and types but think we finally are getting it nailed down. Good luck !!!

Hi there, i am Mathias and i am going to build an awsome esk8! :smiley:

BTW it will be a custom Li-ion setup :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks familiar haha!

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I picked this deck on your recommendation. You made a post sometime back that this company had great shapes and sizes from eskates. After checking out your builds I ordered one. Thanks for the recommendation.

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I still think this is a great shape for Esk8!

Hi! Just joined recently and wanted to build a board that could take me to and from school during lunch hour easily. I already ordered parts and built it off of youtube videos but I’m excited to learn as much as I can from here!

Hi, I´m a 22 yo from germany and am going to study mechanical engineering this fall.

I want to build an electric penny board for commuting and also for when I´m travelling. I love to go on short trips in europe and since I´m a student I do a lot of hitchhiking and generally try to avoid paying for transportation (or anything really lol). This is why I often have to walk kilometres with my sometimes heavy ass backpack.

Since my build is purely inspired by practicality, top speed is kind of a non-issue for me. 20kph would be enough for me. Instead I will go for maximum range/price ratio.

As for the components, the turnigy set that was released on hk a couple weeks ago looks interesting to me, so if its a sensible setups for my needs regarding range/vmax I think I will go for it (have to read the drivetrain guide properly yet)

For the deck I will use the pink pennyboard of my little sister and strengthen it with some sturdy material so it doesnt flex.

You might want to try a nickel board. Just a little bigger, but more stable.

Hey all, I’m a recent transplant to Atlanta, GA and decided on an Eboard to help make the commute more enjoyable. While researching various commercial boards, I stumbled into this forum and have been reading about DIY builds. It’s about time I signed up as my components for the build are showing up. The first is from @Kaly (thanks for the great work on the battery pack and enclosure!) Today my VESC-X showed up from Enersion, and now I’m waiting for my complete deck, motors, etc… from @trampa they should be here soon as the tracking # shows them having arrived in NY yesterday… countdown to build time!

I grew up skateboard and snowboarding, so we’ll see how much muscle memory is left!

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I’m pretty sure that you will fall in love with the board straight away.


Hi everyone,

Just joined the forum recently and I’ve been loving the time I spent reading through posts. I’ve been using the search function pretty frequently but I feel like there’s still a lot of questions I can’t find answers to.

I found this thread by @onloop which was super helpful, but I still have some miscellaneous questions that I’d like to ask.

I posted in general discussions and I hope some of you guys can help me with this.

Thank you!!!