[Introductions] New member? Introduce yourself and share your DIY plans

Hi all. I even ride my skateboard to school. I don’t part with it under any circumstances. What can I tell you about myself so my only hobbies are skating and studying. I’m not doing my studies right now. Because of it I don’t even have time to spare for riding. But I found a way to go to Editage reviews for help and finally make time for fun.


Welcome, @Maxxx17. Glad you could join us. Are you planning to convert your board to electric or have you already done that?

Hey guys, my name is Fabian! I’m a 30yo from southern Germany, being into (electric) mountainboarding for about 7 years, when i first took part in a downhill mountainboarding training :star_struck:

Saw a guy riding uphill with an elctric one and i was sold! It took several years for me to downgrade me expectations&wishes from a full spec trampa dual drive to a first test mule. I tried with a single belt driven Longboard on mbs AllTerrain-Wheels. Built&printed everything else than the trucks, vesc & motor myself. But the AllTerrain Wheels didn‘t work on terrain as expected, it was an utterly rough ride even on very fine gravel :smiley:

So again: money saving and watching craigslist. It wasnt the sexy Trampa I always dreamed of, but infact: the MBS does everything better! The deck has great concave, perfect flex, shockblock-trucks with the Matrix II:

Except the looks… but i tried to copy the Trampa- look by cutting corners on the tips. And as i am a crazy diy-head, i had to fully take it apart and modify it. Tried to hide all the cables in a channel, moved the dualvesc into the central battery box to get rid of the additional box and mounted the central one dampened on studs.

Been riding the board for a year now, about 500km on gravel paths. Just georgeus. :heart: My girlfriend loved to ride my board though having a sorta hard time as a goofy rider on my regular board.

In early Summer i traded my MBS AllTerrain Wheels for an old MBS Core 16. Initially only for the tires, as i needed new rear ones for my Board. But i couldnt resist to build a second Mountainboard for my girlfriend. And so i kept the vesc and the aps 6374 of my first longboard, started with drawing a cheap and easy beltdrive for the trispokes. Using some old lipos of my rc-planes in 8S 12Ah configurtion.

With the sorta high gearing and her light weight (52kg) and shy riding this setup worked pretty well in the straights with speed below 20kph. Wattage was in the beginning at 11Wh/km with max. tire pressure. We had to tighten down the springs though mounting a printed 10° wedge in the rear. In the straights its very drivable now, but it corners not as easy and smooth as my pro 97 with the matrix II.

Today i took some measurement of both truck models and decided to convert the matrix I to yellow shockblocks. Togehter with a 5° edge in the front we‘ll get this board turning and speeding!

Happy riding. And happy building :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Fabian

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