[Introductions] New member? Introduce yourself and share your DIY plans

I have comet le grease shark. Looks pretty similar

I was going to buy the Liam Morgan one a couple months back but I couldn’t travel to pick it up…

I bet the guy who was selling it still has it but can’t find him anymore

Where did you purchase those hub motors? price? Looking for similar hubs for a project.

hi all, new member here, just getting a feel for the site. :slight_smile:

:ok_hand: welcome! What made you to join this round? What’s your plans, what kind of board you ride/plan to build?

@andy87 thank you for reaching out.

I have a nice project on the go at the moment, its a dual motor VESC project, 12s 6Ah. I have joined to share my experience and also seek some advice as just killed 2 x VESC units, 1 I know why the other worries me as was working fine until full throttle then blew with great fashion :frowning:

wiped out the DRV chip with a big hole. (popcorned). I am hoping to post and find out the error in my ways.

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Let us know we should find out the issue and manage that it will not happen again. Looking forward to your build log :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

AliExpress lunyee motor. Approximately$300 USD the pair

Don’t see them listed from them. I assume you got it with trucks and front wheels. That’s a really good deal. I see them about $300 2 hub motors and tires only.

Not with the truck. Truck is separate.

11inch Electric Skateboard Truck Two Drive http://s.aliexpress.com/2imMRbiQ?fromSns=Copy to Clipboard

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Hello, my name is Spencer, I’m completely new to this site and to electric longboard. I have been interested in electric longboards for a while and been researching on parts and different dual motors. My plans for my build is to order a 36’'Dual Motor Belt-Drive Electric Skateboard 10S2P 36V 83*52mm on “http://www.diyeboard.com/36dual-motor-beltdrive-electric-skateboard-10s2p-36v-8352mm-p-407.html” if you have purchase one yourself, I would like to heard your feedback on the board.

Hi guys, thanks for letting me join. Complete nobb with all the skateboarding stuff. Looking to build a board. Been a long time ‘Adventurist’ Windsurfing/biking/ski-ing/quadcopter freestyle/racing/R/C Helicopter 3D etc etc. Generally if it moves or moves me, I’m interested.

Looking to build a longboard, poss a tall order. Requirements Easy to ride (beginner but learn quick) 15mls Round trip, capable of 800’ climb and return downhill. Max grade around 12% Roughish road surface. Otherwise gentle carving on smooth surface for fun.

Would like it to be quiet so poss hub motors. AUW with Pilot and Kit around 75kg. Approx initial budget around £500

Thanks again, going to have a good read on the forum see whats possible, maybe carry a 2nd battery if above is over optimistic

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Those hubs are listed at 6.5kg (14 lbs) each hub motor. That can’t be right can it.

Hi everyone! I’ve longboarded for awhile but this will be my first electric longboard build. I’ll be using it to get to and around campus. Around here there are a lot of hills since Utah State University is right next to the mountains. I will need a lot of torque to get my 200lb self up the long steep hills around here. My current plan is to do a 10s dual 6355 setup on a Loaded Poke board. Probably looking to do 97mm wheels as well. I’ll probably be asking a lot of questions since this is my first build! Hopefully it all goes well!

You can make a decent board with that budget assuming you have a longboard deck thats suitable for esk8 and some basic tools

Hahaha yeah it’s about right. They are properly powerful motors. Barely getting warm after 20min 15% incline. I don’t carry my board I ride it. They might do a less powerful motor which will be lighter. Hover board motors are a lot lighter. But have no grunt.

Hiya, My name is Joris. Started looking around on how to make an electric board. Bought the board first and without any previous skateboard skills had loads of fun. In the meantime all the parts i’ve selected (mainly through this forum) have arrived. So now it’s time for building! (and buy a different board for the non-electric fun).

Registered because probably loads of questions :slight_smile:

Great resource!

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That would be 28lbs just hub motors alone, more than most complete boards. Your board must be about 50lbs total. Good to hear performance is there might still get them for something like a go kart application.

Hello, my name is Melissa and I will be representing Ollin Board Company on the forum. I am very excited to be here! I may not be as knowledgeable as Jeramiah (aka @chaka ) but I will be more than happy to pass on any questions I cannot answer to him and the guys in the shop. I will also be making announcements for the company, letting you know of new products and recent developments.

Here is a picture of what I am currently riding, I call her Purple Haze.



Welcome Melissa, glad yo have you.

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Welcome Melissa!