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Hi Andy87

I think I might know how to open up the deck but that might spoil the grip tape. I would need to peel the grip tape to get to the screws. The main issue is what if I manage to open it up and I’ve no idea how this whole thing work?

Yeah, I didn’t even turn on the wall power socket. Could it be that the cable polar is wrong? Just a thought.

Make some pictures how it looks now and upload it. If you have a multimeter check the polarity on your charge plug and compair it with the Charger Plug polarity. If it’s a laptop brick style charger port take care that you don’t accidentally short the plug while measuring :wink:

Not sure what a mountain board is.

Ive just joined with the hope (and intention) of one day building a nice board. Right now im limited by budget, but been looking at creating a parts list of a nice MTB. ALthough, ive been torn, as im soon off to uni, and although a MTB would be great here (where i currently live, there are poorly paved roads and many many hills/paths) as a daily, i think it may be less ideal in a uni / city setting, so thinking of perhaps trying to find a good medium (as in how Evolve has done soe design-wise). The problem is choosing parts. Whats the best option for me? What my heart says or what my wallet says :wink: Gonna continue saving to allocate funds to this, but i cant wait to be riding. I just hope its soon.

Hey is it safe to ride a loaded vanguard flex 2 30+ mph?

Unfortunately I don’t have multimeter to check it’s polarity. I would need to find an electrician. Below the deck there’s a small compartment which have access to the ESC I guess. As for the battery I can’t see it as its located deep inside the casing. I will upload the photos later.

I think I might have solved the problem! The board port cable that connect the battery was joint wrongly. I saw the red was aligned with the black cable and I unhooked, reversed and joint it back and now it seems to be chargingIMG_20181007_140018 If you look at the photo, the bottom red cable was joint with black cable. How did I missed this all along?! Damn! Huge relieve that I manage to solve this issue partly because I highlighted it in this forum and with some assistance from you Andy87. Thank you!

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Kaly boards are mountenboards without bindings. Just check the links I wrote you.

:ok_hand: good that was that easy to solve :+1: Have a good ride :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi, I am new to this forum. I have more e-boards at home but mainly riding on Evolve CGT. I have upgraded battery (10s5p Sony VT6 from Kevin Dark aka “the battery guy”). However I am thinking how to improve my range with my AT tires (currently have 25km on good roads on fast mode).

I wonder how to DIY build an external box (with a secondary LiPo battery) to power up my CGT through the charging port. I am not very experienced in electrotechnics, but I guess I will need just a LiPo battery, some step-up converter (link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/600W-Digital-Control-DC-DC-Adjustable-Step-Up-Module-Constant-Voltage-Current-Solar-Charging-Module-Board/32847200866.html?spm=a2g0s.8937460.0.0.3b4e2e0ec1mJDl ) and the correct connectors and casing?

I can´t find a topic on this problem here and I don´t know how to create a thread on this topic (maybe I am not able to do it as new user). Could you help me out?

Hey everyone, my name is Nish!

I got into esk8s because I needed to cure my fix for snowboarding during the summer months.

Started off with riding the Boosted Board and I ride the Leiftech.

The nature of the Leiftech got me thinking about building my own e-skate (or modifying my Leiftech). I figured I’d join here to get a feel for what everyone has done :slight_smile:

I also started working on a smart safety lighting company, Intentful Motion, after I got hit by a taxi on my Boosted. You can use gestures for indicators and it automatically flashes stop and accel lights as you move about. The idea is you can throw it on pretty much any board, bicycle, backpack, or whatever to get awareness on the roads.


That’s pretty cool! More lights always good especially now when it’s getting in the dark time of the year.

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Thanks! I’m hoping to get it into people’s hands soon. Learning about the magical world of producing production quality hardware (I’m a software dude)

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Hi. My name is Oliver. I’m 37 years old and live in Germany. I’m into esk8 since a time but got my first board 1 year ago. Before I did unpowered Longboarding but I’m old (or lazy) and dont want to push anymore. Watched many videos of electric boards and it seemed to be the perfect way to get around. … Searched the Internet where to get an esk8 or where to get parts from to build a DIY. … The options where restricted if you want something from Europe because of customs. It took a few month/years until I did it.

I own a Dual Beast from eskating.eu. Very nice board with a lot of power. One of the first things I did was limiting it to about 30 kmh (20 mph) because going near 50 kmh (30-35 mph) was too scary for me.

OK, this year was the best of my life :slight_smile: Its so much fun, I want to ride all the time! Unfortunately since 2 days I have a problem after updating my focbox to the latest firmware. I will describe it in another thread because it’s OT here. Maybe I will also find out how to create a topic. I cant find a button for this(?)

Thanks for reading.


Hey Oliver,

  1. Top right of any category page…select new topic…
  2. Give it a title eg: need help with…
  3. Select the appropriate category…for you Esk8 electronics
  4. Then explain the problem in the dialog box problem after updating my focbox to the latest firmware

If you haven’t yet have a read of this info about the esk8 forum

cheers welcome


Hi mars. Thank you. I read the FAQ before but - I swear - I had no “New Topic” button on the top right. But now I see it and got a private message from “system” that they saw me reading a lot here and I’m now a trusted user. Maybe you have to get promoted first. Thanks.


Hi, my name is Nacho and I’m from Spain.

I’ve been reading you for a long time, but now I’ve decided to modify my Evolve bamboo gen2, by the moment I’m thinking of changing the controller with a focbox and the remote with a nanoX.

Later I may be encouraged to try to convert it into a dual engine

Sorry for my English!

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Nanox isnt the best remote. Try something else


Ups! Just bought this pack…