Irish Shamrock build no2

Build No2 mix of new and old parts Mindless LONGBOARD enclosure made from scrap in work (thanks boss and gary) Hobbyking sk3 192kv from build1 Turnigy nano-tech A-SPEC 6600mah 2S 65~130C Lipo Boat Pack x5 Bms Bestech 10s hcx-d223v1 100mm all-terrain longboard wheels black i wanted green 15t/40t pulleys from TITOXD1001 Motor mount from korrh (very nice) Black cal 50 clones Quanum 2.4Ghz 3ch Pistol Grip Tx & Rx System what i dont have esc/vesc

to get the kids doing this with me they want it to be irish,they want 100 Shamrocks on the back green griptabe, orange trucks , im not using rollerblade wheels on this ill miss them there great


I like your choice of batteries and bms!

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What Wheels are those?

I would advise against the Quanum remote. After a while it will stop connecting to the receiver.

Are you in the USA?

There nice ill let u know how they work out im going with your 10s digram

Im not using them on this build any more but they are great for the bad roads around here. Cheap 100mm 80a. Rollerblade wheels theres no make on them but they feel great on a eboard i have abec 97mm on a board and i would go with the rollerblade wheels any time

Namasaki im in Dublin Ireland,why do u ask???

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REMOTE SCRAPED,I done about 40 miles it worked great but if im told there bad i will listen,

Namasaki is sorting me out with a remote,


yeh i like the wheels of this build :slight_smile: report later how it works out for you

not using the rollerblade wheels on this build any more found the wheels i wanted mbs all-terrain longboard wheels black i wanted green,If you are talking about the blade wheels i done about 60 to 70 miles on them on my last build they where very smooth and they did break very well didnt break as good as abec 97mm,if i was to pick it would be the blade wheels there very smooth and got 8 for 25 euro 2nd hand,

Taking off griptape is a pain its so hard to take off the stickey stuff thats left over

I tough i was putting last coat on back spray can started spitting

Out with the wet and dry again

Lighter fluid dissolves glue in seconds.

On my clear polyurethane finished deck, I used 0000 steel wool to smooth it out and it worked great. Made the finish really smooth but still left it shinny. Not sure how it would work on paint though.

Ill try steel wool used it befor might work,

I had no steel wool so i used wet and dry sand paper wet looks a lot better its going to get 3 coats of anti chip gloss spray and 120 shamrocks

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Wheels came in the ones i wanted

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Started paint