Irish Shamrock build no2

They sure are.It took a few emails to sort but there not to bad to deal with.Ride on

Hours of work


wired and testing bms i only charging to 41.9v need to look at each battery

1 battery not holding charge hk dont have a replacement in stock had to buy 5 new batterys



My wife told me i dont have time for this build …hate to say it she was right

Over 360 shamrocks and i need more


Batterys sorted had to get new set of 5,just waiting on Vesc to get here,


90% up and running no bms its on the way and griptape needed


Test run today very happy,I forgot my helmet so i took it easy going well at 40.7km smooth power getting there no sag at all the 5x2s 5000 setup thanks to Namasaki is great ill test run tomorrow see what the max speed will be if i get 46-48 km ill be happy…I just need to sort my bms its on order



How did you paint the motor? Did you take it apart?

I used Frog tape and then primed it with etch primer then 2 coats of of green spray

would i colour code every thing again no

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Blew my vesc so gave me tome to gett a bit more work done

Switch and charging port done besteck bms done Scratched the griptape with the drimmel

10 steps forward 3 steps back…

How did you blow your Vesc?

Only thing i done was changed to foc went out on a run done 10 miles felt great like there was no board under my feet…like i was floating on air Went home charged up next day wentbto go out motor not spinning drv chip error…sent it off to be fixed…i have a focbox on the way as well

FOC, Silent but Deadly

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I know i wont be doing it again.

What brand of Vesc where your running? Seems that some brands are not able to run FOC while others are.

really nice lookin board comin from a fellow ju find the offroad wheels vs the abecs for irish road bud

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So far only done 10miles on them need to do more testing…blew my vesc should have it back next week…the 10 miles i done felt better than my 97mm abecs…