Is 1:1 gear ratio with dual drive a bad idea?

So I’m wondering if a 1:1 gear ratio is a bad idea (motors getting too hot ect), if I run a dual drive system. The motors are both 300 kV, and I’m running S6 Li-Po. My goal is obvious to get a decent top speed, but i clearly dont want to destroy my motors at the same time. I’ve read a few threads and watched some videoes, but can’t really seem to find anything about 1:1 gear ratios. Any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Do you have any idea how fast you would be going with 300kv 6s and 1:1 ratio? I don’t think you have

Well, I used an online calculator to roughly get an idea, but like most online calculators, theres far from theory and realism, so didn’t really think it would stick.

What is your desired speed ?

Your setup speed would be 100 km/hour but of course not enough torque to ever get there

Hub motors are inherently 1:1, so it will work, but you might want to use lower Kv like 192 or 160. i don’t think 300kv at 1:1, even with 2 of them, will be any good from a stop or going up a hill.

Yes, bad idea, those numbers are off.

Your Kv is a bit too high. Your gearing is too high. Much below 1:2.5 is generally not advised especially on lower voltage systems.

Your starting tq and hill (or small bump) climbing ability with that setup would be painful.

Use the esk8 calc, quite a few people have reported that it is fairly accurate.

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Yea that is way too fast with nowhere near enough torque.


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@Hillso please tell me what calculator that is.

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