Is 10s enough for dual 6374 motors

I just bought 2 torque boards 6374 motors and wonder if they’ll be handicapped by a 10s4p battery from @eboosted for the vanguard. What range would I get too and what speed.

You should do some more reading. That is a very good battery.

You can calculate the speed using this handy tool:

As for range, I would recommend searching on this forum for a board setup similar to yours / looking at what other people get with a 10s4p – it shouldn’t vary too much, unless you live in a hilly area.

10s4p with 6374 is great, i get around 25 miles even with hills because my board is very light, i have small 75mm wheels, and Im using the 149kv turnigy aerodrive motor. I definitely recommend the 2nd motor as a fail safe, Ive had a belt snap on flat ground, cant imagine going down a steep hill and having my only belt break and send me flying into traffic!!!

if youre wondering how much power it will have it depends on your esc and what it will put out. very likely you’ll have more than you’ll ever need using two typical escs

I’m using two torque boards vecs

It will work good, I have 12s4p and have more power than a dual 6355 with the same settings. However, for a Vanguard I’d suggest 6355s for a better eye pleasing board

@Eboosted Hey I sent you a pm about your battery can you please take a look.