Is 10s2p not too low?

Hey guys, I have a bit of a noob question but:

I see a lot of 10s2-3p packs being used on an electric skateboard. But isn’t that …p ratio not a little bit to low? What I would think is that 2 or 3 18650’s in parallel, so 4.4 to 6.6Amps, are a bit low range. Pls explain me were I am wrong. Or where I can find information about it, I couldn’t find it

Thank you!

There are 30A discharge cells and there are 3A cells, got it?


Okay, so they can deliver the max amps needed, but still can a board drive for a decent time with only a few in parallel? are the much batteries in series compensating for it?

Some have 500mAh capacity and others have 3500mAh;)

okayy and 3x 3.5 = 11.5A capacity and that is enough? I feel a total noob atm haha

Ampere is discharge AmpereHours is capacity

A is not capacity.

AH = capacity, 1000mah = 1AH

A (amp) = discharge

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theres tons of complete boards sold with very few cells that aren’t even high discharge but they suck and then they die quickly. I think there’s even some higher discharge than 30 amp cells these days. or better yet just get some lipo

Keep this in mind A focbox speed controller can only take I think 60 amps,

Depends on multiple factors but the general rule of thumb is that bigger is always better. It’s always best to have some headroom so that your battery is not over stressed. My advice is to build more battery than you think you’ll need.

Plenty of people use 5Ah lipos and think that it is enough.

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depends on the application. want a small, light, compact board? then sure, 2p will work but you’ll sacrifice amp draw and range.

want a monster board to go 35mph for 30 miles? then throw a 5p on there.

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I totally agree.

For a commuter board that I am going to use for last mile travelling after getting off public transport, 2P is perfect for size and weight.

But for all other kinds of situations give me 10S4P at a minimum!

Oh yes guys thank you! Idk what I was thinking but I will buy the standard 25c 5000mAh 3s lipo’s for my board, and they have 5000mAh… this wasnt my brightest moment.

But thank you all! I have learned a lot

I don’t know what AmpereHenries (AH) are, probably a funkyfied measure of reactance?, but AmpHours are Ah and milliamperehours are mAh

megaamperehours are MAh and megaamperehenries are MAH

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i use 10s 2p, and i could not be happier with my battery.