Is 10s4p 230kv possible?

Hey guys,

I have a twin 230kv motor setup with a 10s4p battery. I was originally told the motors were 190kv before buying, though they are marked 230kv. I get different opinions on whether i will blow up my FOCboxes with this setup.


Set a maximum erpm in the ESC settings


Set erpm max to 60 000. Will be fine.

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Uncheck limit ERPM with Negative torque? Is anyone running a similar setup? Does gearing matter?

Best do some more research bud. Can blow vescs up if you arent careful. Some great tutorials on youtube.

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drop efficiency to 85%

try 15T / 36T pulleys


keep max erpm below 60,000

I would adjust gearing and wheel size to keep it below 60k erpm vs software limiting

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My setup shows max erpm 57960.00

You could exceed that downhill and really not the place you want throttle limiting to kick in

Why don’t you replace your motors with 190 KV ones?

is there a way to test kv?

@GJHS I am not sure but you can try following these steps mentioned here:

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There is a thread on this forum, it can be measured with the vesc


Can you please link that post?

BTW Thanks for your help before @CarlCollins

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It’s my pleasure :slight_smile:

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Thanks man

What branded motors do you have?