Is 10s4p too large for Boosted board type

Has only build a DIY board similar to Boosted board with a flexy deck using a 10s4p stacked battery? Is that too big and are we limited to 10s3p?

If it is possible, where would I get the enclosure and battery?

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Eboosted sells beautiful fibreglass enclosures for 10s4p and 12s4p configs on the vanguard. Battery you’d have to get a staggered pack to fit in.

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I would not go below 10s4p

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@iiSkater ask @Dirt_Bag it will be about 410 with charger then get an enclosure from eboosted or big ben

No offence, but please do not quote my prices if they are not correct.

A 10s4p is typically $350 free shipping.


i was including the price of charger shipped

@Dirt_Bag Thanks for the price update. Do you have a website I can visit? I am new to this whole DIY thing. Thanks.