Is 121c Carbon fiber deck suitable for eboard

Hi all I want to purchase the 121c rover replace my eboard deck. does anyone has experience about this deck?

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That didn’t work

WHY arc board choose the AILERON as their deck

Not my board

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Any deck is capable of being an eboard. Whether or not you have the skill and are comfortable riding it at whatever speed is the question that only you can figure out.

If you are cutting or drilling into any carbon, Wear a respirator. Carbon Fiber sucks. It looks amazing, but you’ll feel like a cactus after a few hours.

why is the last post flagged?

cause it was a dude trying to promote his unrelated business

Do you mean you will feel like someone is dragging thru a cactus field with a rope attached to a car?

Sort of, it will literally feel like you are a cactus, and you don’t want to move any limbs because of all of the prickly splinters. I pulled an all nighter fitting a carbon fiber diffuser onto a car, I forgot to wear my paint suit. I took 4-5 showers the next day to try and get rid of the splinters, none worked.

From my experience rubbing with a harsh towel will speed up the process

Not sure about carbon fiber splinters, but for other kinds of splinters, sometimes sandpaper works best. (or griptape maybe?) sand your skin lightly and it can snag the splinters and pull them out

the key word lol. Do not put your hand on a moving belt sander (trust me, it doesn’t feel good)

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Yes: to clarify, I mean a handheld piece of sand paper, preferably 800 grit

yea… I may or may not have put my entire hand on a belt sander with 60grit on it a while ago


If you know you are going to work with fibrous materials, some guys I’ve worked with cover themselves with talcum powder to pre-block the pores that the fibres get into. Not something I do myself. I use extraction and protection to as high a level as I can. Just another slant on it though.