Is 15mm drive train set up worth it?

I’m curious to try a 15mm drive train. Is it worth it? Does it eliminate slippage? Most off the shelf boards (boosted, evolve, etc) use 15mm, so there probably is something to it. Who’s running a 15mm drive train and where did you source your parts?

I’m running single 15mm wide belt and it’s good so far and I’m heavy (210). Im going to use dual 15mm belts when I get my second motor going. I bought 9mm and was like nope not going to happen and returned them. You can run 15mm belts loose because there is less chance of them stretching. 12mm wheel pulleys work. I get belt from eBay and aluminum motor pulley from eBay also.

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i’m 240lbs, got a single motor running a 15mm belt, and all good. hth…

got from Alien -

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wider belt is also looks better :spy:

Boosted uses a HTD-3M belt - so smaller teeth - that is why they need 15mm.

@Adam0311 I think that wider belts are worth it. However, I think it depends a lot on rider weight. I use a single-motor 9mm setup and I’ve never broken a belt or had belt slipping. I’m 150 lbs.

Yeah, I’m 210lbs. Honestly the 12mm works, the ineffeciency just irks me, feel like a properly designed drive train shouldn’t allow for such ineffeciency.

Think so too.

Interesting. Wonder if their decision came in reverse order…meaning boosted planned on a 15mm drive train and realized they could get away with a htd3 instead of htd5. Htd3 probably gives them some useful clearance with their belt/motor covers.

I’m using 9mm with 5mm pitch on a dual setup 188lbs I run with belts fairly loose and no issues going uphill. Belts only skip if braking hard.

i weight 80kg and 9mm really only worked properly with a fresh belt and enough belt tension. the same setup with a 15mm belt never had any slipping, even with a really loose belt. feels a lot safer to know that you can just brake at any point as strong as you can.

got my 15mm gear from alienpowersystems!

Also keep in mind you want a 15t motor pulley or higher when using 36t wheel pulley so you have 6 teeth in mesh.

How do you guys fit 15mm belts on Caliber 50 trucks? I am running 9mm now and there would be now way I could fit 15 on there. Maybe thinner motor mount?

195mm trucks but I heard they’re making 200mm calibers

Hmm. cant seem to find Caliber 50 in 195mm. Paris is the only thing in that length that I am finding.

In development, should be available in a couple months.

My bad I meant I’m going to fit dual belts on a different truck that’s 195. Maybe extra speed rings on calibers and thin motor mount

Who’s making the 200mm version?

It’s unconfirmed, so I don’t want to say yet. I’ll let him make an announcement when he’s ready.