Is 245kv motor good enough for e-mountainboard? 6S setup, 9inch wheels, 210lbs

Yeah, that’s the reason why I am bit afraid of the 192kv motor…

That’s an estimate for your setup (the mentioned FVT 120 and 1:6 ratio)

That was my speed with 149kv with 6sfvt

Ok, did you had different gearing back then? Because If I dont push myself to get better controller, I might also give a try to FVT 120… So yeah, I just entered your setup to check how reliable the calculations are…

Same gearing. But it could also be the app I used to get my speed. If you do get the fvt, don’t forget to Get a programming card. If I had to do it again, I would use ezrun esc like @chaka said, and go 8s with 6374 192kv.

Remember 8s on an ezrun only works with lifepo cells and you have to be sure you don’t charge it higher than 28v.

What do you mean? You can’t run 8s lipo on ezruns?

I was using the ezrun 150pro, I forgot they have an 8s version now.

Did you try to program FVT 120 using computer? I think I saw somewhere that you can program it using computer… only though, you probably seem some sort of programmer for that… dunno where to get that.

Ok, then I suppose it is been decided, that I should go for the 6374 192 kv or go for the alien power systems 220kv 5065 one:

It is just between 192kv and 245kv, has 8mm shaft + it is sensored! So yea, if the smaller size and smaller amp ratings is not an obstacle, this one seems as a good alternative to sk3 6374. What do you think?

Did you try to program FVT 120 using computer? I saw somewhere a manual but Im not sure how easy it is to get the right software to program it and does it need a special cable or not…

You can program it with just the card or with a computer. They should have the programming card available where you purchase your esc.

An eskate firmware is also available for a more smooth acceleration which works really good for eskate, but not so much for emtb, imo.

Try @torqueboards 63mm sensored motor; it looks promising. product-category/electric-skateboard-parts/electric-skateboard-motors/

These seem to be perfect… with being sensored, 80a, 8mm shaft, + all the durability they claim

too bad, shipping to EU costs 40 bucks… That makes it a bit disappointing.

@Okami - I’ll try and look for cheaper options. I prefer everyone international get their shipments sooner w/ tracking.

You can run 8s lipo on the new ezrun max 6 or max 5

Ok, so I found some other posts which answer some of the important e-mtb questions. I hope nobody is going to be mad for putting that info on this thread.

63mm vs 50mm, depending on riding conditions

Posting your own research to share is a good thing…even if it’s a different thread…most people don’t dig deep enough…

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I am running a single setup with a vesc and it runs perfect. I have not had one problem and it runs very efficiently. I weigh 230 it pulls hills super easy. I have 6374-240kv motor with 11/62 tooth sprocket setup 10s battery and 8in pneumatic tires.

10s? 240kv? Talk to me in a month or 2.

Lol its been longer than 2 months what was supposed to happen at 2 months?