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Is "24Guage" 10S JST-XH Good for 3A charging?

When Charging 10S 4p Pack at 3A is a (24G. JST-XH) wire good enough ?

24G Multi core is only good for about 1.5 A, is charging amperage (3A), divided by the (10s)10 wires ??

it should have no problem with 3A max looks to be 3.5A

You’re just charging thought the balance leads?

yeah its a good way to cut down on plugs and wiring, especially if you are using 6S chargers to charge 12S. (cause 12S chargers are expensive and less common)
so long as you don’t want to fast charge at high amps.

Actually it will only be used once in a while to verify with a voltmeter, if my packs stay balanced.

I will not be using a BMS on my 10s4p pack,