Is 295kv to much?

I setup my drive train with my motor and everything, I tightened it down and tested it. I can’t get the motor screwed in tight enough it just rips the bet loose and stops spinning the wheel because the lose of tension in the belt.

Is my motor spinning to fast?

The motor I’m using is


Wouldn’t recommend the whee pulley part of your problem could be because it’s plastic ( I’ve used parts from DIYE on Amazon and wasn’t a fan of any of them) I’d recommend getting a metal wheel pulley , like from torque boards. Also yes 295kv is pretty high, what battery are you using?

the battery im using is:

295kv is a little high , I have a 6s setup but use a 260kv motor

295 should be ok. I am Using a 280kv 6068 motor. My gear is 40/15. 24v battery. Good for flat ground.