Is 31 miles of range going ~16mph on a board weighing ~17.4lbs possible?

It seems most people believe that the GT given it’s size and weight will not be able to make it ~30 miles on a charge. After this picture surfaced:

One person (@evoheyax) speculated that the battery might be similar to the Raptor’s:

Let’s assume the picture above is a 10s4p set up. To my understanding, if the Raptors (that get the 10s4p battery) can go ~24.8 miles on a charge (in ideal conditions, going top speed most of the time) why is it not possible for the Evolve GT to get more range if 1) the torque is less powerful 2) the top speed with 83mm wheels is 22mph (vs the Raptor at ~28mph) or 3) the test for max range with the GT was conducted in an eco mode (where the top speed is limited to around 16mph).

The board is less powerful than the raptor and has several different modes that can limit the power used. Maybe some of you can enlighten me on why getting that range would not work. Thanks guys.

Edit: **** No one knows what the Wh is for the battery, which is what is causing most of the doubt. *******

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How many watt hours is it supposed to be?

I think the max range would hammer the battery pack.

Would be interesting to see a graph of the voltage levels as the pack is discharged.

No one knows, it’s a big mystery. For some reason they will not release that info… All they said was it’s Li-ion and 42v.

well if it is in fact a 10S4P battery just like the raptor this could easily be possible with a different 18650 battery used. You say the Raptor goes 25miles on 2500mAh Samsungs then the GT on LG HG2 3000mAh cells could go 3000/2500*25miles = 30miles. Add this to the more “economical” drivetrain with less top speed and you get your 31miles.

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I just got the range spec on the space cell pro4 (the battery the raptors will eventually have) from Jason’s website. Seems like the GT range should be legit then. I’m sure more people care about how it would do with the 97mm wheels at the top speed of 26mph full throttle though. I will be sure to test and post a thread/video once I get mine in a few weeks…

A 16A multistar lipo pack is 2P. Since each cell is 8A, if you were to run 10s2p on those cells, you’d end up with 592wh which is enough for the ~50km range they spec out.

but the size would be totally different - apples and oranges. I can put a Tesla pack on the board and ride for 100s of miles but the weight and size will not nearly be comparable to a 10S4P 18650 pack :wink:

Lipo’s can be molded in various shapes. I’m not saying they’re using actual multistar cells. Just providing background to how they can fit the wh inside the GT.

But evolve apparently also stated that they are using liion. But I get what you are saying - there are a number of ways they can fit more juice than the raptor in there.

Pretty sure it’s lipo. Lipo is Li-ion in a polymer casing.

Those are definitely 18650 cells, it is a 10s5p pack.

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how do you know?

When you are around these things long enough you can just tell… plus you can see the profile through the heat shrink. The only real question is what capacity the cells have.

Hope that’s true, I love me some 18650’s

How ca they fit 2 times the old space cell into that? The space cell is big as it is.

If it is 10s6p, then the 31 mile range number might actually be true. I wish they would just give more details so it wouldn’t be a guessing game, but I also don’t really care that much. They still don’t have FOC, so :slight_smile:

I think I remember hearing 666wh floating around somewhere, which would make sense for a 10s6p setup @3A per cell. I really want to run FOC on my DIY as well, but too scared burning out my drv chip

Correct me if I’m wrong guys. But the spacecell 4 pro is indeed 10s4p. I’ve got a raptor delivered 1,2 months ago and if I’m not mistaking the most of the spacecells before are only 10s3p.

Your Raptor came with a space cell pro 4?? I thought he wasn’t doing that yet because they wouldn’t fit with the current deck…

yea it’s only 3p, 4 is only for the standalone battery for now

Closer inspection tells me this is probably 10s5p. Have any better quality pics? @Mr_Mahal