Is a 6600mAh 6S 10C enough

I’ve been looking around on the form for an answer (I thought this would be a common question) but I can’t seem to find any specific answer. so would a 6600mAh 6S 10C lipo be enough

Links Battery: Motor: (Might change to a lower KV) Esc:

I will only be buying 1 battery

It will have a maximum output of 66 amps. The motor can maximum pull 60 amps, so you’re good. But most people will recommend getting a battery (or 2) with a higher output, as the voltage sag will be alot!

So not the best then :confused:

Theoreticaly yes, but I would recommend you to get higher discharge battery to be safe and to prolong your battery life :slight_smile: 6.6Ah* 10C = 66A of discharge, motor needs just 60A…15C or 20C will be better :slight_smile:

Also I have read somewhere on this forum that these multi-rotor lipos doesnt last long when you use them on an esk8 due to the high capacity-low discahrge combination…But I am not sure about that…