Is a smooth throttle cutoff possible with vesc?

Not sure if the wording is right, but what I’m trying to say is to have a feature where if you suddenly let go of your throttle, the motor doesn’t just suddenly go to zero power but instead, have it automatically ease the throttle off.

I’m pretty sure boosted has this feature.

I’m nowhere near an expert with a vesc so if I sound dumb, it’s because I am.

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You could do this with a remote. Photon has something like this. Where you can change the sensitivity of how fast the “input” is allowed to change.

It’s not quite exactly what you are saying. But the result is almost the same.

possible to do it with a standard ppm or firefly nrf?

You could use an Arduino in between the receiver and vesc to smooth the ppm stream.

Is this not the setting in question?


I think that’s it! I wonder how I missed that, I literally spent 20 minutes going through all the esc tool settings looking for something like that

Will try it out tomorrow and see if it works

The positive ramping time sounds useful too. So far I’ve been using the throttle curve adjustments to get a smooth acceleration. I feel like positive ramping time will give me a much smoother take off


Nice I didn’t know that was in the new 3.x firmware

Is that option in the regular BLDC software? 2. Whatever

Don’t think so. Just flash your firmware to 3.xx and use the new vesc tool. Much better

What values are you guys going to put on negative ramping time? Also thanks for this thread! Lol I’ve had this annoyance for a while now and didn’t know what it was

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I’ve never been able to get BLDC detection to work in the VESC Tool with

What are you using?

Should be possible to implement it on the firefly

Positive ramping definitely helps keep the board from launching with sudden flicking of the throttle


And what IF the Arduino fails or “get crazy” with your PWM signal ? I’m not sure having device(s) between your VESC and your receiver is a good thing (more electronic = more possible fails, and when it’s about the throttle, it can be called unsafe IMO)

Anyone using an. nRF like solid geeks remote, ervinelin or the photon has an Arduino in between the receiver and the vesc…

So while I agree, I disagree.

True ! But the fact nobody had issue doesn’t mean it can happen. Same reason why I won’t get a remote based on Arduino for now but instead will enhance a GT2B, one heavily tested and debugged remote and signals is a bit secured as well iirc. This was only my 2 cents for those concerned by the safety and electronics.

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