Is anybody making strong small diameter hub motors?

I’m using one of 3000W 83mm hub motors from the Miami shop, I like the power but the size severely limits my wheel choices, I do not care for the ABEC wheels. A 70-73mm hub motor would really open up the wheel selection, but I want all that power, any ideas?

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Alien sells 72mm hub motors. Bruno said it works from 6s to 12s. Also, what is you battery? I want to use Hubs, but I have a 6s

How powerful is it as a single and can u post an overall review of it

Where are you seeing the smaller hub motors on Aliens website? I just took a look around and I couldn’t find anything.

Four wheeled

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Nice find! Thanks!:blush:

Look like this one?

Looks like, but it is different, Alien uses High Quality Magnetics and I think they are good

Lol it’s called branding. All neodimnum magnets are technically high power!

Just found it on a searching anyways…

So all motors have the same quality? So what Jason said about R-Spec motors and it quality was just branding?

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I’ve never used an rspec but yea id expect them to be the same as the rest of the motors coming out of the maytech factory.

Bldcs are surprisingly simple. Not many things to change. Every motor i see has the same high temp magnets, .2mm laminated stators usually from Japan. And hand wound in schenzen or somewhere near it.

Marketing is a huge part of every industry…

But there are some new 22 and 28 pole motors coming out now! That does change the game a bit compared to the 14 poles we all use. Inboard for example uses 20somethig pole motors.

More poles means what? Is it better than the normal 14 poles? For me is worse, Imagine, 20 poles X kv X Battery voltage is a higher Erpm that could break the Vesc

a motor maker could just reveal what magnets the motors are made with, and then you could know how hot you could get your motor before damaging it. Some respectable manufacturers do that. If they aren’t doing it assume the worst no matter how cool their laser etched logo is or how many times they tell you it’s special.

More poles does not make a more powerful motor.

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Can’t wrap my head around the expense of making small hubs while big fat multinationals Johnson Electric and the like shoot out millions and millions of these things…

Does anyone know afterthoughts abut this ewheelin instagram? They seem to show one of those friction ebicycle hub motors you attach to your rims

Trillium motors (unreleased) are 75mm OD which is the most common longboard wheel size. It will do a minimum of 2.5Nm (66N thrust) per wheel at 1500RPM on 7S. Tuning it to try to gett up to 3Nm but there are a lot of trade offs. 3Nm would bring a total of 150N thrust for two wheels which is quite plenty for a lightweight commuter build.

Technically it can if the resulting geometry of using higher pole count results in increased flux path area. Likewise if the increase in pole count worsens the geometry and flux path, the efficiency/peak mechanical power will decrease.

75mm with the skin? That’s I want.

I saw your site, your hub motors look kick ass.

I’ve seen that site, he’;s a bit pricey and everything I want is always out of stock.