Is Enertion Awol?

Been trying to get ahold of Enertionboards since June 9th. Anyone know whats going on with them? I use to think they were so good with their customers until now. Whats the deal? Anyone have a way to get ahold of the owner?


Hey There

What issues you’ve been having, let me know?


issues everyone has been having include…

irrational censorship of valid points,

denial of any problems

straight lies to customers

whinging like a little girl how unfair the community is being …

shall i continue?


@CarlCollins is not the dude we should be attacking

He helps us out when we have problems :grin:


Yeah @CarlCollins is a good guy you cant fault him for being connected to enertion the real person you should be made at is Jason or @onloop who has since canceled his membership here.


I didn’t get any responses to my email since June 8th. Welcome aboard

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If @CarlCollins leaves than enertion will be awol, since enertion has taken out live chat.


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Have you tried email support through the site with your questions and including an order id where relevant?

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Hey Carl thanks for replying. Ive sent you a video and explabantion of my problems via the support ticket email. Ive seen videos where enertion said it was ok to bend the power wires to 90 on the unity yet when i did it the unit arched out becuse they stacked the positive and negative on the same tab and i guess the wires somewhere inside the heat shrink was exposed to each other. Anyway when it arched i immediatly unolugged battery and want to remove the unity and noticed the power cables were wiggly. And that the tab for those cabled has severed about 90% all the aya through snd was hanging on barley. At this point i cant even appy power to tbe unity do i dont even know if it works or not.

Yes ive created a support ticket and eveerything.

Haven’t censored any

Haven’t denied to any.

Always tried to provide as much accurate information as much I am allowed to

Never done this ever and will not be doing, I love this community :stuck_out_tongue:

You can continue if you want to, love to hear more from you :slight_smile:


May I have that Ticket ID?

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Working on it, I think it was missed due to system error as I personally replied to your email.

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You had asked for a picture some time ago in which ive sent and never heard anything back. Ticket 80355

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Got it, Due to the on going changes in the system, it got lost, I fetched it back and escalated it to the technical team, I think we will come up with a solution tonight :slight_smile:


Hey Carl, sorry to hijack this thread. I was just wondering when my unity will ship? I ordered it on April 1st. It’s been almost 3 months and it still says awaiting fulfillment on my account.

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Your order ID mate?


My order is #25805

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I think this will give you an idea:


Okay thanks!!

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