Is everyone ok after terrorist attack in a bikepath in Manhattan?

Things are getting crazy now even for e-s8ters


What?? I haven’t even heard about this yet…

6 dead and 15 injured as of right now… :frowning: I hope yall are ok…

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another one!?!?

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@Kaly @scepterr @ARetardedPillow @everyoneelse that lives in NY, hope you all and your families are ok! never experienced anything of the sort but I can’t imagine how scary it would be. praying for the families that lost people and the injured :pray:


Holy crap… my mom went to downtown manhattan today, glad she made it back safe

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They’re saying 8 dead now! :frowning:

What on earth is the world coming to!? RIP cyclists…

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Yeah, this happpened on a stretch of the Hudson River parkway that is a daily ride for many of the NYC esk8 crew. I was riding there just a few hours before this happened. Tragic, but do not know any victims and none were esk8 crew.


My friend was 4 hours away from this and he has a boosted board for his NY college campus. I asked him as soon as I heard this news, thankfully he was fine.

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