Is Having LiPo Batteries Stacked On Top Of Each other Will Cause Any Issues? (Issues Like Heating)

Will having 4x LiPos in this setup cause any heating issues or other problems? IMG_0075 two lipos are on the bottom and two on the top. And they are in series total of 44.4V 12s and I guess 5000mah and they are rated at 100c burst

ive heard of them being even compressed. squeezed. think it was good for them. the puffing wasnt a problem i guess. so i read long ago on endless-sphere. those guys did everything on bikes long ago.

what about heating is the temp going to be at a dangerous level?

heating is good for them. plane rc people heat them before flying. the heat they make from a lot of current draw is seen as deterioration generally but getting them warm externally is good. i dont know what temps were best.

but i think it goes both ways and they try to cool cells in a tesla too. but they also heat the cells sometimes. i dont know what range they do what and youre lipo but probably pretty similar.

Those connectors might melt. Other then that non that I can see.

why might they melt?

not soldered a good connection

how do you know its not soldered a good connection, I tugged really hard on every solder I made and it seemed really strong so idk what you mean

He’s just saying that they may melt if that happens.

if what happens?

If there happens to be a bad connection on the cables.

I think It should be fine its only like a 2% chance that could happen.

okay, thanks

yea if things are not a good electrical connection will get hot like he was saying i assumed. anyway ive not plugged the plug all the way in and gotten that pretty hot too.

That’s only during winter. In summer/autumn, lipos tend to overheat easily leading to puffing.

Esk8 example. The bottom two lipos of my setup overheated during my last trip and puffed, whilst the top ones were fine. The temperature difference between the top and bottom stack was significant. Mind you, this happened whilst draining the cells too much, otherwise they would not have overheated to begin with.

Short story. Stacked is fine if you take care not to go below 3.6/3.7v under load, as the lipos tend to stay cool within the safe voltage range.

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a cool 68f seems best for longevity but the electochemical reactions I guess are easier at a higher temp, maybe 80f, so it says… I guess this is unrelated to the increase in electrical resistance with increased heat and i guess the cells could put out more amps with less sag at 80.

Any lipo higher then 1s is typically stacked, inside the shrink wrap from the manufacturer. Can’t get much closer than that.

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