Is is OK to charge with the board powered?

Is it OK to have the VESCs powered while charging? Not the whole time, but just switch it on so I can see the Batt% charge??


Do I have to disconnect the charger first?

better disconnect the power (turn off)


It’s not harmful- just may give you inaccurate voltage reading since the charger is inputting the “100%” reading.

It doesn’t matter at all if you have your remote fail safe set right. Some bms setups charge " board on"

This makes the most sense to me. Thanks. I see why it wouldn’t give an accurate reading, but probably wouldn’t hurt the VESCs

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I’d would definitely recommend leaving it off for charging. Electrically it won’t hurt anything, but if you accidentally bump the remote, it could potentially go flying across the room and damage someone or something. Just a precaution with these high power machines.

Really just wanted to hit the switch (to on) to see the charge level. Charging while the board is off. But since it wont be accurate, I’ll just unplug it before checking.

I do the same thing (power it on to check charge). I don’t know about anyone else’s, but mines usually pretty accurate with even everything plugged in. Maybe a percent or two off, but fine otherwise. The accuracy (while charging) may also depend on your charger and BMS.