Is it a good idea to use a penny board as a commuter?

Hello, this is my first time trying to build an esk8 and I’m having a hard time choosing between building an electric longboard using a normal sized deck or building one from me penny board (I believe it the Casper 27") I’m mostly going to use it to commute to and from school. Please leave your thoughts.

A penny board would be really tricky to mount stuff and also would look really goofy with long Calibers haha.

I suggest a slightly wider board and with a length of 25~29". Popular choices would be a Jet Spud deck for example.


@JLabs at buildkitboards has a really nice looking tayto board. yeah its 34" but man it looks good

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summing like this

Another potential small deck for a good price is the Loaded Kutthaka. Though, enclosure options are limited.