Is it a good setup 10S - SK3 6374 192kv - maytech VESC?

Hello Everyone,

I’m building my first e-longboard. I live in south of France and looking for parts outside US because of shipping cost.

It’s a budget project and I tried to spend no more than 300-350 EUR The goal is to reach at least 25 mph on flat road.

I’ve been reading lots of post about different builds on this forum, and I must said it’s not easy to chose the right product !! Last time I was interested in electric boards, there were no VESC, no Hub wheel motor, lots of new hardware appear these last years !!

Well, so can you please help / advise about my setup ?

I was thinking of building a 192kv - 10S - VESC - 83mm wheels.

Here is what I already have at home :

  • 1 deck Osprey 104x24cm
  • 2 Trucks 180 mm
  • 70mm wheels ABEC 9 (I’ll change the wheels and keep bearings)
  • 1 controller / receiver 2.4 ghz from my RC car (HPI Firestorm flux)
  • 1 IMAX B6 ULTIMATE charger for lipo up to 200A
  • few XT60 plug

And here is what I plan to buy :

  • 2 x lipo 5S 20C Turnigy 5000mah to make a 10S pack in serial (Hobbyking : 84 EUR)
  • 1 x motor Turnigy Aeordrive SK3 6374 192kv (Hobbyking : 68 EUR)
  • 1 x maytech VESC (ebay : 88 EUR)
  • 1 x set of 83mm Enertion Power Wheels (Enertion : 35 EUR)
  • 1 x 36T 12mm Enertion Drive Hub 12mm wide (Enertion : 8 EUR)
  • 1 x HTD5 12mm Timing Belt (Enertion : 12 EUR)
  • 1 x motor mount plate for 6374 (Ebay : 14 EUR)
  • 2 x Reflex Top Barrel-550 bushing longboard - Orange+ 89A (Amazon : 13 EUR)
  • 1 x wooden enclosure (Ikea : 9 EUR)


What do you think about this setup, does everything fits well together ?

Will I have enough torque and power to reach 25 mph or more ? (I’m 70kg)

Anything I missed / forget (cables, wire, plug) ?

Thank you for you help : )

Looks like this setup doesn’t interest much … Any advise would be great before ordering :smile:

Seems fine. A couple of remarks. -those 5s batteries need to be charged separately because your charger can only charge up to 6s. (just so you know, no problem) -Enertion shipping is slow lately, try searching for another source for those parts. -Make sure all your connections fit together (5mm bullet connections, XT60,…) before ordering. It is possible you have to order extra connectors and it is always better for shipping costs if you order everything at once. -Maytech VESC is not recommended I think, try searching for a better one. Not an expert on this subject. Try searching some info on this forum for more information.

  • Order some spare belts.
  • Also, with the enertion drive hub, you need to modify your truck. there is a video on his youtube channel about that.
  • Do you have raiser pads? If so, use them. (more than 1 cm of thickness is recommended by me) (wheel bite)
  • Controller reliable? The most important part for safety IMO.
  • Helmet, other protective gear
  • research a bit on how the VESC is configured (if you haven’t already)
  • Loop key made out XT90S (cheapest solution for a switch)
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Looks good to me.

I think you’re not getting much response because it’s pretty much a prefect ‘model’ build. 192kv is almost universally agreed upon for best torque vs speed balance, SK3’s are great quality and 63mm cans are best for a single drive. 10s is a sweet spot for 192kv & VESCs. Yes you may have a problem with maytech but i personally haven’t, and for a budget build sure why not, seems to be the most convenient. Just beware 5000mah isn’t a massive capacity. Especially at the speeds you’ll be going. It will be fine and is a great starting point, but you may want more range pretty quickly! Up to you.

Hi, Thanks a lot for this perfect reply ! Now I feel better for oredering, and will continue research about affordable VESC. It seems that many builders choose the TORQUE VESC from , so it might be better than Maytech. I need to find XT90 connectors and raiser pad yes, and maybe new controller.

Helmet is good idea too ! :smile:

Ok great ! I wasn’t sure component will fit together properly… About capacity I plan to go to work with my board, and it’s not that far from home, I’ll make maybe 3 to 5km per day, less than 40 min ride.

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I’m doing a similar build, same spec motor, a vesc from tb, and 10s4p li-ion pack. My boards a freeride style double kick 8ply 39" deck. Everything fits but its a tight build. I’ve wedged the front truck, and dewedged the back truck. I’ve geared it for the high 20s (MPH), and it could hit 30mph downhill.

Lol, this is exactly the same build that I am planning on building. Except I have heard a lot of bad things about the maytech VESC.