Is it A legit Vesc?

Hi hi was just on my way on ordering A Vesc when I game across this

Think they are uk based which is perfect for me cuz Im in EU and price is very Good campares to others but the thing is I have Done quite a bit of reasearch here on the forum but No one has ever mention this one? It seems legit but is it? Has any one tried it? Does it look good? Because I dont want to spend A big amount of money on something untested so please people check it out!

They look like Maytech Vescs

Yes I was afraid of that


They are not bad for the pricepoint they are at.

Thats true, I want @onloop @torqueboards @chaka to maybe have A look at them since you all are sellers of vescs

@Jammeslu What do you want them to say? “Yes buy them” or “No don’t buy them”? If you have specific questions you can just ask here or read that thread first:

Asking if its A Good Vesc or not since No one has talked about them

Just click the link in my post above :slight_smile:

It gets the job done. However, durability isn’t ensured with these. For example: They got known firmware bugs and are more likely to be faulty when used at FOC.

Pretty sure Im going to run bldc so that alright then I guess?

It gets the job done.

Send them a message that you want it for 80$ a piece. They will prolly respond and tell you to pay 89$. Also you get free shipping