Is it a really bad idea to use a hoverboard battery in a diy project?

I have recently gotten quite interested in building my own electric skateboard and i’ve noticed that it quickly becomes expensive. I had hoverboard at home that i took the battery from, and i thought that maybe i could use this instead of buying a brand new one. It is a 36 v/4,4Ah battery. It seems that the max power draw from the battery was 2*350w and my question is if I can use this battery to power a single motor on a diy project? I can’t find any information about internal resistance in the battery or a c rating so how much current should I safely be able to draw?

I wouldn’t if you do not know what battery is it, or the max current that battery’s bms can output before turning off the flow of your battery.

You’ll have to bypass the bms, if you are planning to use it. But depending on how the bms/battery is made, its not 100% guaranteed.