Is it better to get a higher or lower amps(not mah) when choosing battery cells?

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So I’m planning to build a mighty powerful silent board cuz I HATE the sound of belt motors, so I found the motors I want (direct drive 7500w with Kegel Adapter) and i was looking at the different types of cells, (I am currently running a 10s3p 18650 30q it’s good and all) in the board i am planning i want to have 20700/21700 so I looked up at the different types and found 3 suitable options for me:

  1. 20700 4250mah 15a (€4.95 per piece)
  2. 20700 3500mah 30a (€6.95 per piece)
  3. 21700 5000mah 10a (€5.95 per piece) And I was wondering what difference will I have if I got a higher or a lower amp (not mah but amps)

That’s one, two is I am searching for a suitable enclosure(12s3p Sanyo or 12s4p Sanyo) but unfortunately all are either ugly or too big, I want a low profile enclosure (just like the evolve’s) so as to have a sleek look and not just have a bulge under my board so I would gladly accept suggestions

Higher amperage output is exactly what it sounds like, more power output. Normally they’ll have a lower internal resistance, meaning less voltage sag under load, allowing higher speed while hill climbing and higher efficiency. A 15A cell will also last more cycles at 10A discharge than a 10A cell will.


In lower P configuration, up to 3p, higher discharge is recommended. After that, it’s a waste of money comparing to 10s4p 30q.

So 21700 with hight discharge until 3p is kinda ok

Samsung 40T is noice

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