Is it okay to velcro lipo?

Sorry if this is a stupid question but i plan on having two 5s lipos in a series and i was wondering if i could use velcro to hold them together inside an enclosure?

I want to have this setup so that i can take them apart easily if one battery messed up and to charge.

I would suggest getting big velcro cable wraps for this, then when you need to pull them apart, you are not putting stress on the lipos themselves

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ahh okay thanks

yes i did exactly that. I use velcro at the under the deck so all components are stuck to the deck. I can open the enclosure without moving anything. I bought the strongest velcro I could find and it works very well. Leo

Yes, you can. I wouldn’t recommend doing this long term. hummie used to do this with everything, until his Velcro failed while riding, haha. It won’t end pretty for you or your batteries if they fall off. But you can get away with it for a bit. I would recommend a proper enclosure that’s bolted to the board. You can still remove them when needed.

I use this, fo everything! velcro!

Yeah that is my plan, but inside the enclosure i planned on having them wrapped with velcro just to keep them together and prevent them from moving around too much

I use velcro + velcro straps for Lipo. Just make sure not to stress the batteries too much when and if you pull them off. They typically don’t fall off. If anything screw or bolt down a velcro strap make sure the bolt head is covered sometimes I use rubber washers to protect the pack.

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