Is it possibile to charge an e-skate directly to the home socket?

Some factory-made electric skateboard can be charged directly from the power plug of our home ( EU in my case ). Instead I have to take Lipo battery from the longboard and charge it with the Imax b6 charger ( or others ).

There’s a way to avoid this intermediate steps and connect “power cable” from the e-skate directly into home socket?

yes, if you integrate the charger on your eboard… or have 230v battery lol

People usually integrate Bms module (battery protection circuit) so that they can charge with just one plug, not 2 - balance cable + main plug (+ / - )

A way more clever charging would be with induction (wireless) but right now the technology is not really there yet… so it would probably be waay expensive to do this way, it would still take a lot of time and heat would be involved (wouldnt be that good for batteries, if directly translated to them)

I think it is possible to order some similar modules as b6, they are smaller and just more ‘dumb’, meaning you wont get a lot of customization, but you could easily install them on eboard and just plug in the mains cord into them, so they can do their work and convert the voltage/charge the batteries.

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Anyway they have to charge the board ( with only 1 cable ) with a charger like Imax, right?

nope - use a 36volt laptop style charger - it converts your domestic voltage to the voltage of your battery. The on board battery BMS (battery monitoring system, aka battery murdering system) monitors the individual cells and keeps them balanced.


something like this

there are definitely cheaper ones than this and you have to select according to your cell type.

Is it possibile to make all of that with my Turnigy Lipo 6s1p ?

If it’s so I have to:

  • cut the balance plug of my battery
  • properly solder each cable in a BMS module
  • properly solder “+” and “-” plug
  • get output (?)
  • and charge with a 22.2v laptop style charger?

Thank you and sorry for the doubts but I’m a beginner! :sweat_smile:

I don’t know sorry - I don’t use lipos. I think it’s been done - try the search function. If you cut the enclosure to fit the lipo bms cable you could connect the imax bms connections straight to it and not have to remove it from the enclosure. Search bud, I think @dunkirk did this on his vanguard build.

That’s more simple with a custom battery pack right?

yes but making the custom pack isn’t ! :stuck_out_tongue:

This could be fine?

Which plug end can I use? ( I come from EU )

Yes You can do this with your lipo

You can use à BMS just to control charge / or to control charge and discharge

If you buy this BMS (15A) you can only use for charge You need at leat 60a BMS for discharge

Good to know! Have you already done it?

This ?

There’s also this solution:

Though I wouldnt recommend if you havent soldered small wires before, it can be a bit messy and you need to make 100% sure you solder the right wires to the right pins.

As for the bms, from text it looks it might be okay but maybe wait till someone else jumps in.

@Namasaki will probably tell you that getting ebay bms modules is not great idea… but ok they might work, if you monitor the actual state of your batteries once in a while ( I think)

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You are absolutely correct @Okami I would never recommend using a cheap bms from eBay or any other supplier. Especially to someone who has invested a lot of money and time building a Li-ion battery pack. I just can’t see risking an expensive battery pack to save a couple bucks on the bms.

Or just get a laptop style charger (some can be really fast high power) and a 10$ discharge balancer and be done.

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Where you recommend to buy a BMS?

Which plug end of the e-skate can I use? ( I come from EU )

you can buy a good BMS here

<30A for charge only, 60A for charge and discharge (the BMS help you to protect your lipo during discharge (cut of) )

you will need to buy a “laptop style” charger but you can use any connector for charge (DC 2.1 5.5 is very common)

you can also change the cable with socket plug to adapt to your country


Which good waterproof connector can I choose?