Is it possible to convert this charger from 8A to 5A?


I recently ordered a 12s 8A(now I feel like I exaggerated on the Amps) charger for a 12s4p battery from Aliexpress with a 5.5x2.1mm plug, now I’m having a bad time finding a female connector for it that I can know for sure will handle 50.4V @ 8A.

I don’t feel like using GX16, XLR, XT30 and etc. So I’m wondering: Does anyone know if I can modify the charger to output 5A instead of 8A?

This is the charger:

Does anyone know what’s inside them? If I’m lucky there is a potentiometer that I can just adjust.

I think u should ask the seller, or maybe goggle / youtube might also give something.

Theres probably a way to decrease amps in other ways also (after the charge plug, but i think wont be the best option)

I should just take a look inside. They have 4 versions starting from 6.5A so maybe these 4 chargers are just the same only a little adjustment on a potentiometer inside makes the current change.

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If you can’t adjust it, there’s a nasty way where you get a step up and step down converter to regulate it to the (usually 3) amps of the converters. Word of caution is it will get REALLY hot

Their should be a knob for voltage, but not sure about amperage

it may have a “cv” and “cc” trimpot. can’t be sure unless you open it up and can measure current draw during charging

I will definitely open it up when it arrives. I was hoping someone had already seen the insides of it. If not I will take pictures and post

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yas do that. also don’t forget to either tag us or reply to our posts with the Screenshot_20190523-173126_Chrome buttom or otherwise we wont see your reply :blush::blush:

In that case I was replying to the thread because multiple people suggested opening it :smiley: but now I’m replying to you.


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Charger just arrived today. It has 2 adjustable knobs inside, I assume one is for voltage and the other current but I don’t know nearly enough to be confident. What do you guys think?

image image image image

also, I never checked the size of the charger before buying it’s massive.

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Hi g, You need to connect a power meter to the output. Then you’ll know which is the end voltage trimmer, and wot the other one is for.

I solved your dilemma by purchasing an 8A and a 5 amp charger and I am using xt60 connectors to prevent future disappointment.

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