Is it possible to get a 6S brushed Esc


Does any one know of a Brushed car esc which goes up to 6S and has breaking.

I’ve put together a cheap esk8 board for my very light 8 year old son using ebay motor mount and an old 24v brushed my6812 scooter motor. I’m currently using an Hobbywing QuicRun WP 860 Dual Brushed 60A ESC which only goes up to 4S and the speeds topping out about 11-13MPH. He’s wanting a little bit more speed. I’m assuming the motor will be ok up to 6S but can’t find Rc car esc’s with breaks that goes up to 6S. Doesn’t necessarily have to be liposised as I’m using a lipo alarm on the balance leads. Wheels are 70mm Lush Avalanche. 48T wheel pully, 16T motor pully.

I don’t know of any but you may have more luck trying to search for brushed motor controller

Pretty sure the HW4.12 can do this, no problem.

In Vesc Tool you got the option of DC Motor and it says to just use phases A and C (I think the outer 2 phases). So in theory there’s nothing holding you back from using DC Motors with the Vesc.


Just found this thread, sorry my mistake. I will delete my reply to not confuse anyone.

Did you use the MY6812 DC motor? You can try to use a normal motor speed controller that can use up to 24v

I was considering using a cheap ebay 24v scooter controller but they don’t usually do dc breaking and was’t sure how to interface my 2.4ghz Rc receivers ppm signal into the throttle input which is usally a hall effect sensor.

I’ve also been looking at 24 dc controllers but again not sure what breaking will be like and their usally controlled by a pot so not sure how to use rc receiver control.

Oh aha didn’t think of the breaking problem…

You can change the potentiometer on the controller with a digital potentiometer and control it with the remote via an arduino (maybe a bit complex(

I’ve actually got a turnigy vesc on hardware 4.10 from the kit I purchased for myself from hobby king which I’m still putting together. I may look into using this in DC brushed mode on my sons board and then get the updated turnigy vesc at hardware version 4.12 which I see they are doing now.