Is it possible to "overthrottle"?

So when adjusting the neutral throttle on my remote I noticed that the motor gives off a different sound when I adjust the neutral throttle to always give some forward throttle + fully pull the trigger versus me just pulling the trigger with neutral settings. I am not sure, but it sounds like the motor revs more in the former case, havent tested it yet while riding.

Is something like this possible or is it more likely that my ESC or remote are faulty?

It seems like there is only a little boost though, tuning the neutral past like +10% doesnt seem to make any difference.

I have an X Car Beast ESC and a Mini Remote from banggood.

Doesn’t sound like anything is faulty or like you’re hurting anything. Just sounds like your calibration is a little off. idk that esc specifically, but most of them will let you do a signal calibration to tell the esc exactly where 0% and 100% are.

My guess is something like this is happening: With neutral throttle, when you go full throttle your esc sees 95% signal. When you adjust neutral to be a little positive, when you go full throttle your esc sees 100% signal. Or something like that.

Yes seems like the calibration was off. I sometimes had the issue that the motor would barely turn or make slight noises at neutral, so I guess I calibrated it down so it wouldn’t do that. I recalibrated and it seems fine now. I have a programming card for the ESC now, maybe I’ll try playing with the deadzone settings too.

For some reason a calibrating issue didn’t seem plausible to me at first, maybe because I have reached my theoretical topspeed and didn’t think that I could go even a little faster =)

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