Is it possible to swap from street wheels to off road (think pneumatic) wheels?

I saw how on some Evolve Board models they have an option to swap from their 90-100mm street wheels to off road pneumatic tires. If my trucks are long enough, would this be possible to do? Would I have to change my gear ratio for the larger wheel? I’m going to college soon and plan on using my board to get around all season, even in the winter with snow. Is there anything else I would have to change besides just the wheels and pulleys (and belts I’m assuming).

You could out 42t pulleys on both Abec 107s and 6 shooters and swap anytime you wanted.

That’s just an example. Find common pulley dimensions and wide enough trucks and the same bearing ID and swap all you want.

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I also want to mention…

It’s really nice to have both though.


If you had to choose but weren’t sure of big street or pneumies, what would be the safer first choice? :thinking:

I don’t know if I could. I was actually talking with @sender about that earlier. I really prefer thane, but 6 shooters are so comfortable and a much safer option for bad toads.

I typically grab my Evo on 90mm thane when I just going for a ride but if it’s a ling ride or I’m traveling I grab my Bludgeon on 6 shooters, especially if I’m unsure if the terrain.

I’ve got a moonshine hoock in the works that I’m probably putting 107 abecs in, that will most likely become my go to board. But I’ve also got a new @treenutter deck I’m getting parts together for which will have 6 shooters.

So, who knows :smile:


short answer. get them all is what I took from that :joy:. Probably just go for pneumies first then pick up gummies after to be on the safe side. Just concerned about puncturing pneumies and getting left with a flat :disappointed_relieved:

Is somebody spying on me? That’s just weird.

I got a flat tube yesterday for the 1st time, I have approx 3k miles on these 6 shooters.



I’ll get 6shooters when it starts raining. I don’t wanna get to comfy on my board riding on them clouds everyone’s always talking about.

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thats insane milage on six shooters! did you notice it while riding or was it after? I imagine you’ll need to replace the tube and tire or is it possible to patch it up enough that it’s safe to use?

Ummm yeah, I noticed it, as I was sailing through the air at 28 mph after hitting a brick shard in the street :). But I rolled it out and didn’t get anything but dirty :slight_smile:.

I replaced the tube and tire, had extras at the house.


If you get 6 shooters, you will. its hard to go back to thane once you’ve been riding 6er’s for awhile. I plan my rides the best I can and take the board that is the best fit. But if I dont know, 6er’s.


damn suck that you found out that way :disappointed_relieved: glad you’re all good. guess there’s no going around it, I’ll need to get a spare tire and tube to be sure I can keep on riding

I should have been paying attention. There’s this spot where 7 roads intersect, about a mile from house. Ive waited 10 mins before for the lights to let me go. On my board I just kind of slow down and look for an in and hit it. Found my in, hit throttle, this time I was rolling tight to the gutter to get around a big ass delivery truck and mt front right tire hit this piece of broken brick that as close to dagger shape as I’ve ever seen. Just glad it didn’t fly up and skewer my eyeball :slight_smile:.

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still good reflexes! :wink: the hubs on the 6er’s are all fine I hope?

yeah, they are fine. it was litterally a 5 min job to disassemble, replace tire and tube, apply loctite and reassemble.

1st rule of high speed skating… plan for the fall, not the ride.