Is it possible to test (hub) motors without ESC or battery?

title says it all… thanks

@Bensaida Depends how thorough of a test you want to perform. If you just want to check that the windings aren’t shorted and the bearings aren’t sized, then yes. If you want to actually TEST the motor, as in apply power and get a feel for it’s performance, then the answer is no.


In order to spin a brushless motor (most of the ones we use), you need a BLDC style controller to deliver the power to the phases, or a FOC sine wave controller to deliver the power.

You cannot plug it straight into a battery, but if it was a brushed motor you could.


how would i do that @MysticalDork

You can check for internal resistance with a multimeter. Other than that I don’t see how you can test a motor without power

To test if the windings are shorted, spin the motor and see if it spins freely. Short two of the three wires, and it should become harder to turn and “cog” as it turns. Repeat with the other combinations of wires.

Then, short all three and it should be VERY hard to turn and smooth.


by short, do you mean i have to cut open the phase wires?

Just touch the connectors together

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ok thanks.

how would i know if something is wrong? @MysticalDork

If the motors do not become harder to spin with 2 phase wires shorted together, then one of the wires is open or in other words, disconnected or the connector on the end of the phase wire has a cold solder joint. If the motors do not spin freely when the phase wires are not touching, then there is a short in the motor.

You could also make a basic esc circuit to test it on the bench. I saw a video on yt about it, It seemed pretty simple