Is it possible to use battery of an ebike on esk8?

Hi guys,

I am going to buy an ebike, because I wan’t to feel a bit safer during my daily commute to work.

One of the ebikes has a slim battery that slides into the frame. It is 36v and 10Ah on this bike:

If I can use that battery also on my eskate, I am going to pick this one.

Do you know if that battery would provide enough current for eskate? Specs of my esk8:

It would likely be enough at least for a single drive. I wouldnt be able to tell you as there is no specification on the type of cells used or the cont amp discharge of the pack.

Generally ebikes use lower discharge cells in fairly high parallel to compensate for the individual cell discharges.

how much did you pay for it

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I didn’t buy it yet. But it is 750 usd.

There are better options but if I can use that battery on my eskate, thats a big advantage.

So far, I am using 2 Zippycompact 3S 25c lipos. I am getting only 6-7 km out of it.

holy shit, 750 usd for a 10s4p battery lol

Where are you located?


Are you sure it is 10s4p? It only says 36v 10Ah.

750usd is whole bike price including the battery :smiley:

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Ohhhh okay in that case nevermind.

It would be the equivalent of a 10s4p with Samsung 25Rs cells


Isn’t 10s batteries rated for 42v full charged and 37v with low charge?

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Lithium ion is 3.6v nominal

Ohh, I did’t knew it

Theres a DIY friction drive on endless_sphere, which brought me, your grandpa, here to learn. Take it easy, as i am an old guy, good with ebikes but all new to this.

Anyone know how a throttle can be integrated?

Yes 10s in li ion is considered a 36v although some cells are 3.7 nominal. I have my own welder and configure my packs.