Is m3 hardware too small for enclosures?ANYONE?

Title says it all. I’m trying to order alloy bolts alloy washers but carbon are large enough or if they’re just too small for our enclosures? M (crickets chirping)

are you through-bolting this, or using threaded inserts? Is the deck stiff, or flexy? If through-bolting then yes it should be fine, the head and nut are a bit on the small side so use washers. If you’re using threaded inserts on a flexy deck then I’d jump up to 5M. I’ve found smaller threaded inserts don’t have the holding power in the wood deck to keep from pulling out while riding. I used 4M inserts on my flexy deck and the bolts on the nose and tail both pulled out eventually. I’ve since through-bolted the ends. My 4M hardware is holding strong on my super stiff deck but in retrospect I would have preferred 5M hardware.

Thank you. . At first I thought all I needed was to fill the mounting holes on the new enclosure that came screwed up that was mounted crooked (Thanks Chrisfell) I’m planing on The red aluminum finishing washers to give it a good look. It has brass threaded inserts on 2 of the 4 sides ( cause the enclosure didn’t have any lip on the front and back to mount it to the deck and is warped and has major gaps in the front and back. It’s an unuseable piece of shit really and gonna be trashed (and that Chrisfell refuses to replace ). I’m shopping for an enclosure that will fit my deck now