Is MBoards Legit?

I was looking for cheap, non Tupperware enclosure solutions, and I stumbled upon the Mboards website, where I found this -Has anyone used this enclosure? -Is the site legit?

He’s legit just he’s marking his stuff 20% over store value because fast shipping or something along the lines , anyways his enclosures seem to be solid, his components are from other reliable companies so you should be fine

Have You bought the enclosure? It seems to be inexpensive

No I was talking about components not enclosures, he is legit tho, I haven’t seen anyone on the forum with that enclosure sorry

oh ok. I may just take my chances

I ordered a battery an esc and motors from mboards two weeks ago and chose one day shipping and he hasn’t even shipped it out yet I later contacted him three days later and he said he would ship it out that Thursday and that was may 9th and I haven’t gotten any emails except for an order conformation so I tried texting him calling him and emailing him and nothing so i’m beginning to get a bit impatient so i don’t know what to do at this point.


It’s time to escalate to card company


I know But I used the PayPal though

Even better I’d say

Gather your evidence and make a dispute


Her has a YouTube channel

Alright then I will but I still want to build an electric skate board with similar parts do you know a website that’s reliable

I bought a few things from him last week. He shipped them out a few days later. But I’ve also found that he recently didn’t reply to a question sent to his support text line. He doesn’t have an email, strangely only lists a phone line to text with questions.

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very strange that he only has a phone to text wtf …id get your unreplied emails and other evidence sent to paypal … youll get your money back

I’ve had a very unpleasant experience with MBoards. Made a purchase and didn’t hear anything for two weeks. Contacted MBoards by email and asked him to cancel the order. He said no problem and that I would see a refund in 1-3 business days.

2 weeks later still no refund and he shipped the parts to me anyway. Sent him a follow up email when the parts showed up and asked him what to do. MBoards said that I had to ship the parts back to him on my own dime before I can receive a refund.

Filed a complaint with PayPal and am waiting to hear back. MBoards is no longer responding to any emails.


Ive ordered from him and I got everything I ordered but it took like a month or so. Didn’t reply to my text messages as advertised though.

Depends, on where your from. US and EU markets are different

lol, i guess i am happy his enclosure has been “sold out”, preventing me from buying one :laughing:

looks like mboards has the same products as

I know DIYEboards was experiencing shipping delays due to some large orders, so maybe that impacted your order. Jason at DIYEboards has been super responsive and open, though, so I knew what the delays were about.

The enclosure i wanted, was not on diyeboard. It was one of the only things on his site which I think he made himself. (the other is the batteries) Skateshred decks…diyeboard hub motors…diyeboard enclosures…skateshred hardware, risers, bearings…

@nmagz3 Hey Neil. You wanna help Mike Beard out and let him know of this thread? He’s gonna start getting the negativity CarvOn gets if this keeps going.